Tampa SEO | How Do I Find My Target Audience Online?

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We can talk endlessly about keywords and content marketing strategies, but it does not mean anything unless we know the person on the receiving end. Understanding your target audience for Tampa SEO is vital to building a successful marketing strategy.

Knowing your basic demographic facts is only the beginning. Rather, honing in on specific interests and trends can help you truly target your audience. Here’s what you should be doing to gather quantitative and qualitative information:

Look at Social Media Analytics

Social media marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques in this day in age. That means there is a plethora of data that each of your posts can generate. Luckily, most social media platforms have a business side that tracks the metrics for you.

For Facebook, you can see everything from where your viewers live to how are they are. Facebook culminates all of your data and gives you the metrics for easy viewing. On Instagram for business, you can see how many reaches, impressions, and engagements a post garners. This is a great place to start getting basic information about your audience. Afterwards, you can dig deeper.

how can social metrics help me find my target audience for tampa seo

Create a Survey

If you want a quick and easy way to get to know more information about your demographic, you can employ a survey. Surveys can be used to ask questions about preferences, interests, pet peeves and more. These can be more detailed and qualitative than quantitative. Consider sending out a survey via email or have it available in a pop-up after an online purchase. If you do this at least once a year, you can track how your audience is growing and changing.

Conduct Focus Groups

Focus groups are a little more hands-on than social media analytics and an online survey. Focus groups give you the opportunity to meet with your audience in person and discuss questions and concerns. You can ask them some A/B testing questions, have them try new products or even have them critique your last campaign.

Just sitting down with a group culled from your target audience allows you to see hints of their personality. That alone can give you so much useful information. The only downside is that these are harder to curate and take more time. However, the insight to come out of them can be insurmountable.

how can i grow my audience with tampa seo

Research Industry Trends

Maybe a focus group simply isn’t the best strategy for you. Instead, you can do some market research from a distance. You can take your basic information and find out what an age range or location is engaging with the most. You can also search keywords and phrases. Rather than looking at the difficulty ranking, you can find information about the people searching those keywords or phrases. Overall, you should be looking for patterns within your broad information to really hone in on who your audience is behind the screen.

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