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Chances are your business has a social media presence, but how much interaction do you have? If you are devoting time and money to develop and maintain a social media presence, but have no engagement, what is the point? Social media is a resource that allows direct communication with your audience, at any time. When used correctly, it can be a priceless asset to your business. Understandably it can be disheartening and costly to only receive a handful of likes a week. But it takes creativity to drive comments and create dialogue. With a focus on posting relevant content, and remaining active, your social media presence will flourish. But what are the proven social media engagement tactics?

how to I increase my social media engagement?

Know Your Audience

When your business first decided to undertake a social media presence, chances are you were hoping this led to great people finding your great company. That is the purpose of social media, but it requires the proper amount of engagement. The first step in boosting your social media engagement is to target the proper audience. Consider who these ‘great people’ are you want to find your page, and what they would like to find once they found you. Maybe your target audience gets a kick out of funny cat videos, or maybe they prefer international news stories. The only way to know this is by actively monitoring what works. There are countless businesses on social media, and you need to get your audience’s attention by posting what they want to see.

Social Media Engagement Timing

We all have seen it happen before. Your company will share something great to your social media, but it only receives a sprinkling of engagement. When posting to any network it is worth time considering the proven timeline for social media engagement. Each network has a particular time of day when the users are most active. Facebook is recommended 1-4pm and 2-5pm weekdays, Instagram 5-6pm on weekdays and Twitter between 1 and 3 pm weekdays. As well, Facebook should be receiving 2 posts a day, Twitter 5 or more, and Instagram 1 a day. There is so much data out available that breaks down ideal post times, but the simple formula for frequency is posting as often as you have engaging and useful content to share.

Prove the ROI of Your Strategy

Social media ROI is the return on investment that your company gets back from the time and money you put towards your social media marketing. When users interact with your Facebook and then travel to your website, it’s another form of social ROI to measure and analyze. The proof of your efforts is in the numbers, and now you can easily prove your strategy is working. Tracking leads from your social media pages will allow you to spot trends with your content. From here, your business can improve future messages, and see your ROI start to benefit you. Learning what works for your business is necessary, and giving your audience what they want will improvement your businesses social media engagement.

how do i boost social media engagement for my business

The key to boosting your social media engagement requires a full devotion to the networks your business chooses to use. A sub-standard attempt at social media can harm your businesses reputation more than anything. At Digital Resource, we have a dedicated social media marketing team devoted to propelling traffic, driving leads and increasing your revenue. Contact us today for a free internet marketing analysis and see the difference it can make!

With a degree in Marketing Communications from Florida Atlantic University, Jessie is truly a creative thinker. She has a passion for customer service and a background in account-based marketing. Her goal is ensuring the utmost level of professionalism, creativity and support throughout your digital marketing experience.

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