Tampa Web Design | What Mistakes am I Making with Website Design?

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If your business devotes a great deal of time and energy to create and maintain your Tampa web design, you may want to pay attention. There are critical mistakes you may be making that can ruin your online reputation and severely damage your SEO ranking. There is nothing shameful about making mistakes, as long as you take the time to recognize them and make adjustments. Are you making any of these common mistakes with your website design?

Tampa Web Design tips for my business

Unorganized content layout.

First of all, a web page that is well laid out with all relevant information readily accessible will dramatically improve your audience’s user experience. When information is messy and unorganized, users may become frustrated and decide to search a different page. You should keep in mind that quick scanning should yield the results most people are looking for. After this, quality information will keep audience’s attention and increase on page time.

Outdated information.

It should go without saying, you should never keep outdated information on your web page. But this is a pretty common mistake. Make sure the information users are finding on your Tampa web design is updated frequently for best results. As well, your business doesn’t need to devote valuable website space to irrelevant information. Keep the content on your page relevant and up-to-date and you’ll see the benefits.

Poor navigation.

When your audience finds your web page, they are expecting to be able to find the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. It is good practice to create a website design that is simple to travel through. With the ever-growing need for faster internet speed, if users can’t navigate efficiently through your page they will surf on to your competitions website. A key to improving navigation is including a navigation bar on every page that guides visitors to other areas of your site.

Orphan pages.

Every single one of your web pages needs an easily seen link back to your home page. If users choose to share a page from your website, but this page doesn’t include a link back to your home page, this hinders new users from further discovering your content. Avoid this issue by making sure every page has your logo, as well as a readily accessible link home.


how can i improve my tampa web design

Not linking to social media.

You are devoting time to create a great Tampa web design. So, you will want to share this! Above all, social media is the simplest way to increase traffic to your site. Therefore, forgetting to link to social media eliminates a large opportunity for your business to reach new users. Understandably, not having social media buttons on your web page can cause your web page to be stale and inactive. People should be able to flow through all your outlets effortlessly, and linking to social media will allow a lot more traffic to your site.

Tampa Web Design Assistance

The most frequent Tampa web design mistakes can be easily fixed if they are recognized early. Striving for perfection requires constant attention to your web page design, but do not be overwhelmed. Having a devoted team to assist you through changes your web page needs will prove to be a priceless resource. Contact Digital Resource to learn how we can assist you with some mistakes you may have on your web page!

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