The Definitive Guide to Hashtags

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Hashtags gained their popularity on Twitter but have now made their way to other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. A lot of people just add hashtags to their posts without even thinking about it, but there are much more to hashtags than you may think. Hashtags can be very beneficial in increasing engagement and visibility on your social media posts, but the best way to use them varies across each different social media site.

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are like keywords or phrases that categorize content on social media. They make it easier to reach a target audience, and a target audience usually means more engagement. They allow you join the conversation about trending topics with millions of other users. If someone were to search a specific hashtag, all the posts containing that hashtag would be available for them to see, thus hashtags increase your visibility. For example, when #TheOscars is trending and you attach it to the end of your tweet, all the people reading the posts including #TheOscars will be able to see your post. This is a great opportunity to easily build your brand and spread awareness because many users that have clicked on your post because of that hashtag, may not have found your page otherwise. This relates to hashtags that aren’t trending too. Like if you tweet an oral hygiene tip and #dentaltip, all the people interested in dental tips will be able to find your post. How convenient!

It is important to research different hashtags before using them because some may not relate to the topic you thought it would, are already directly connected to another brand, or just not be popular. An unpopular hashtag meaning one that is not something a user would typically type in to search. Keeping hashtags short and simple are typically the hashtags that will be found because a hashtag is suppose to be a keyword or a short phrase, not a whole sentence. After researching some hashtags and understanding the purpose of them, choosing relevant ones that work best for your posts will be easier.

Hashtags On Twitter and Facebook

Using hashtags correctly on Twitter can really have an impact of the amount of engagement your posts are receiving. In fact, tweets that contain hashtags get two times more engagement than tweets without. That doesn’t mean to go hashtag crazy though. Overdoing hashtags on tweets can have a negative affect on the amount of interaction your tweet receives. Tweets that include more than two hashtags see a 17% decrease in engagement. So, it’s all about the perfect amount of hashtags to generate the positive results you’re looking for, and the perfect amount for Twitter seems to be two. When tweets include up to two hashtags they receive a 21% higher engagement rate! Just like Twitter, less is more for the use of hashtags on Facebook. The optimal amount to use on a Facebook posts is said to be 1-2, according to SocialBakers. For these sites remember, the more hashtags you post the less value each hashtag has.


Hashtags On Instagram

Instagram has very different hashtag etiquette than Twitter and Facebook. Posts with 11 or more hashtags receive the highest amount of interactions. So if you love using a lot of hashtags, Instagram is probably the best spot for you to be posting. Why does the optimal amount of hashtags for Instagram greatly exceed the amounts for Twitter and Facebook? This may be because people use Twitter just to scroll through updates and aren’t too concerned in searching for specific hashtags, because majority of the results will just be people’s thoughts in words. People are more likely to search for hashtags on Instagram because they know the results will be a stream of relevant (for the most part) pictures. It is more fun to scroll through #donuts pictures than it is to read comments or thoughts about #donuts. So since people are more likely to search for hashtags on Instagram, the more hashtags on your posts…the better.

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So, are you using hashtags on social media? If so, are you using them to the best of your advantage?


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