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Email marketing is like an electronic advertisement that directly goes to users’ emails. Especially in today’s digital age, this is the best way to send out long-form content newsletters. The top digital marketing companies use catchy subject lines to increase open rates. Take a look at our tips for the best email subject lines!

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Subject Lines to Use in Your Campaign:

1. Humorous

In the first place, a funny subject line is great for attracting your target audience. Instead of a boring subject line, opt for a bold subject line to grab their attention. For instance, you can use “Baby Got (Feed) Back” as an opener for your email. A good laugh from the subject line will likely get users to open the email.


2. Single-Word

Moreover, single-word subject lines are very effective for open rates. It basically sums up your entire email content into one word. In particular, you can use the word “Panic” as the subject line. Initially, this triggers emotions for users. It gets them asking, “What’s happening?”, that leaves a big impression.


3. Numbers and Lists

In addition, you may use numerical subject lines to capture the audience’s attention. In fact, you should try putting digits and text in the subject line for easy reading. For example, “Top 7 Reasons to Eat Papaya”, is a great subject line. It makes it simple for users to read before opening the actual email.


4. Personalize

Furthermore, you can personalize the subject line based on users’ first names. It makes them feel as if you are talking to them directly, and they are not just another number. Today, personalizing the user experience makes the difference between a mediocre and a great marking campaign.

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Are You Looking for the Top Digital Marketing Companies?

Lastly, we know the importance of securing a great email marketing campaign. It reaches users who want to be reached by your company—narrowing down good leads. Contact us today to get started!

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