Top 8 Instagram Marketing Mistakes

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Marketers are always looking for different ways to promote their brands and how to get a leg up on competition. Through social media platforms, businesses have been able to expand their online presence and reach larger audiences. More and more people have begun to use Instagram for their business without taking the time to figure out the right way to make them stand out.  Because of this, many are making simple mistakes that are not allowing them to use Instagram to its full potenital. To avoid marketing mistakes from happening to your business page, keep on reading!

Marketing Mistakes on Instagram that can be hurting your business's account!

Top Marketing Mistakes:

Account Name and Username

To start an Instagram account, you will need to name your account. This name will appear in bold at the top of your bio.  Here you will be able to capitalize, include symbols, and add in spaces. While you can change this at any time, it is a good idea to just use the name of your business since this is what people will first see when they find your account. A username on Instagram is slightly different. The username is the @name you use to be found on Instagram and will be shown when you post or comment. This is all lowercase and one word. No one is able to have the exact same username as you, so if the name of your company is already taken you can add a few numbers or try a different variation of the name. Keep it simple for both the account name and username. For a business, having a crazy Instagram name will only make it harder for people trying to find you and not portray the right brand image.

Private Account

When using the Instagram account for the purpose of marketing for your business, there should be no reason to make it private. If you are trying to increase brand exposure and get people to see your page, it’s critical that your profile is on the public account setting. That way, any one will be able to see your posts. Also, this gives users viewing your post the ability to tag their friends in the comments section, therefore bringing more traffic to your profile.


Instagram is the second most popular platform for hashtags, right behind Twitter. Instagram only searches names, usernames for keywords, and hashtags that are included in pictures captions. So while using hashtags in your bio is not necessary, hashtags in picture captions are definitely necessary. Photos with 11 or more hashtags are known to get the most engagement, while those containing no hashtags have the least. Focus on using hashtags that are relevant to your business, while also researching some of the most popular ones. However, don’t just use all the most popular hashtags or trending hashtags at the time. It’s annoying to people when they click a hashtag and they stumble upon posts that have nothing to do with it. This is a clear sign you are begging for engagement and because it’s so noticeable, people won’t give you the like. Just remember to be relevant and always try to relate it back to your business somehow.

marketing mistakes on Instagram to avoid

No Bio Description

Your Instagram bio is a quick way to show users a little bit about your business. You want to let people know what you do to first capture their attention and then intrigue them into looking at your posts to find out more of what you do. In order to avoid this marketing mistake, create a well-crafted Instagram bio that describes your business. Include what you do or sell, the philosophy behind your product or service, what you can do for the consumer, and a link to your website. Choose your wording carefully to keep it short and simple. If your company name doesn’t really give away what your business does, the bio is a great spot to give users a little background information.

Bad Resolution Photos

Since Instagram is a photo sharing site, it’s no surprise that the quality of your images have an impact on how much engagement you receive. Images that are hard to see or not aesthetically appealing do not do well on Instagram. Besides your bio, this is the only other way people can see more about your company on your Instagram account. This is how they will gauge their opinions about the company. If the full photo can not fit on the Instagram uploading page, there is an app called “InstaSize” that is designed to ensure each of your images is fully displayed. This app directly connects the picture to the Instagram uploading page ready to post.

Non-engaging Photo Captions

Instagram was created for posting photos, but leaving out a caption is one of the common marketing mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. By leaving it out you are missing out on a huge portion of Instagram engagement. Captions enable you to give any relevant or extra information that can not be included in your photos. Keep your captions short and only include the essential information so users will not loose interest in reading.

For extra engagement, try asking a question to prompt people to comment back and start conversation over the topic. You can also include a call-to-action caption such as, “Click the link in the bio for this product!” to initiate your followers to do something right there and then.

Not Tagging a Location

For those who don’t know, Instagram gives you the ability to tag your current location through the longitude and latitude of where the image was taken. The data is collected through your GPS device in your phone and is accessible with your permission. This will let your followers know where your business is located and any places you may travel to for work related reasons. It is the perfect way to connect with anyone that goes to networking events. Using this feature has been show to boost your Instagram engagement by 79%, so remember to tag your location to avoid this marketing mistake!

Add a geo-tag to avoid marketing mistakes

Posting Inconsistently at the Wrong Times

This is one of the easier marketing mistakes to fix. Just don’t post when people aren’t on Instagram or when everyone is posting. There are no set times for maximum likes or views since it varies from business to business. Try testing out posting at different times of the day to see which times work best for you. There are websites you can use to view your posting statistic to visualize your optimal times for posting. Planning out what times and what pictures to post for the week will be beneficial for your business. Keep the posts to once a day or one every other day. You want to keep your followers updated and interested, not overwhelmed and annoyed.

It is easy to get lost in the world of Instagram and unintentionally make these marketing mistakes! If you keep these in mind when creating your business account, your posts and page will be ready for optimal growing exposure, sales, and followers! If you have any questions on Instagram marketing mistakes or want a team of online marketing experts to help your business’s social media presence, give our West Palm Beach Social Media Marketing Company at (561) 429-2585! Or connect with us for a FREE internet marketing analysis! We look forward to helping your business grow through the internet! 

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