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Facebook ads can be a hard tool to master because it is always changing and improving. Here are 2 great reasons to keep using Facebook ads for your marketing campaigns.

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Engage Your Audience

Turn customers into repeat customers

Keeping your existing audience updated on new events, products, and sales is a great way to attract repeat customers. Keeping your page on Facebook updated and filled with original content is also a great way to increase customer confidence, making sales pitches more effective. This strengthens your brand and makes you more established among the many different retailers on Facebook. Original content is also a great way to SEO your business and help direct traffic. Advanced targeting lets you pinpoint audiences at each stage of your marketing funnel and personalize your campaigns to their end user accordingly.


Customer Support

Improve your connections

Providing customer support is an essential part of conducting business over Facebooks platform. Messenger allows you to instantly interact with customers and answer questions in a familiar format that most people already use.  This instant connection will help you build trust with your customers and potential customers. Customer support took place over email for the last few years, but messenger allows instant communication making the customer support function more dynamic.

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