Trending Topics | How to Use Them to Grow Your Online Presence

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Most businesses are trying to gain visibility online, but are struggling to reach more people. One way to do this is to see what’s trending on social media! By joining a trending topic on social media, your post is visible to people who may not have seen it otherwise. Keep reading to find out more on trending topics and how to better prepare your social media posts.

What is a Trending Topic?

On social media, trending topics are the most popular and most talked about topics at the time. These topics can really be about anything, depending on what is relevant at the time. For example, some of the most recent trending topics included: The Oscars, Leap Day, and the GOP Debate. When you join the conversation on a trending topic, you expose your post to everyone talking about and looking at that topic. Because of this, using trending topics is a great and easy way to begin to increase your online presence.

Use trending topics to increase online presence

While they share some of the same trending topics, they aren’t necessarily the same across different social media platforms. Current news is more likely to be on Twitter and Facebook, while Throwback Thursday may be more susceptible to Instagram. This probably just has to do with the way users use each of these platforms. Regardless of the platform, trending topics are pretty easy and quick to find.

How to See Trending Topics On:


Trending topics on Instagram are refreshed often and based off of what is the most popular in the whole Instagram community at the time. Trending topics on Instagram are in the form of hashtags or a place. Like, if a lot of people are posting photos from a fashion show in London, London could appear as a trending place. You can see these trending topics by going to the search tool. At the top of the screen, you have the option to see all trending topics. When you click on a trending topic, you will see top posts and most recent. Top posts are the most popular posts in that topic and most recent is, well, the most recent posts.

Trending topics grow online presence


On the left side of your Twitter Feed, there is a section labeled “trends.” What could that be for? You guessed it! The trending topics on Twitter. These trends are tailored to you based on location and people you follow. Topics shown also include what’s popular across Twitter as a whole. Twitter trends can be in the form of a hashtag, or just plain words like “Taylor Swift.” Twitter also shows you how many tweets there are about that topic currently, or if they have started trending within the last hour. Once you click a topic, you have the option to see the top posts or the live feed.


The topics that are trending on Facebook are shown on the right side of your News Feed in the little section labeled “trending.” Facebook is different because it separates its trending topics into five categories: Top Trending, Politics, Science and Technology, Sports, and Entertainment. If you are interested in a particular category, this is a nice feature. When you click a topic, the top posts are shown and public posts, everyone who is talking about the topic, are underneath them.

Anticipating Trends

Though it is easy to find what’s trending that day, you can be more prepared by anticipating trending topics. The most obvious way is knowing when holidays are, because with so many people celebrating and talking about them, they almost always end up trending. Another way is thinking about the days of the week. Hashtags such as, #MotivationMonday, #TBT, or #FlashbackFriday, seem to be reoccurring trends. Big events are another thing to keep in mind. Whether it is a big sports game or an award show, people are bound to be talking about it. TV shows and movie releases are also known to be trending topics that you can keep up with. Lastly, if you feel like doing a little more research, you can look into all the unique holidays that fall on each day that aren’t shown on a regular calendar. These are usually fun things like National Cheesecake Day or World Book Day. Many people are able to get creative with their posts on these days, and they usually end up being trends.

As you can see, trending topics can really be anything. But by being more prepared for them, you can take the time to create posts that people will love! If you have questions about social media and how it can help grow your business, contact our Internet Marketing Agency at 561-429-2585 or connect with us online today! We stay up to date on social media trends and love helping businesses grow their online presence!

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