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Gaining followers is the goal of any social media marketing campaign, but what happens after you get a large following? For businesses on Twitter, gaining those followers is just the beginning. Now you must figure out how you can use Twitter to grow your business. Luckily, this Twitter follower tool will tell you all the ways you can turn followers into paying customers.

Grow Your Business with this Twitter Follower Tool:

Inspire Their Desire

The key to catching the attention of a potential buyer is to start with a problem or need that they have. Inspire them to want to fix their problem by buying from your business.  Don’t just show how they use the product or service, but explain why it is their solution. Describe the bigger picture of how it will help them in the long run. Help them solve a problem they didn’t even know they had!

Follow Their Advice

Keeping up to date with your followers’ complaints or suggestions can be a big help turning followers into customers. These are the people you are trying to please and the ones who will be paying, so listen to them! Not every comment is worth adhering to, but there are times when you could pick up on ideas for product changes and sales. If you do make changes based off of their ideas, let them know about it! Making the customers feel as if they were heard and attended to will create strong relationships within the business to customer circle.

You can do this through:

– Sending a personalized message directly to a follower. Make sure the responses are unique each time because with an automated message the person will feel as if they are talking to a brand, not a person.

– Tagging them in a tweet to let them know they were heard.

– Giving back to charitable causes. If your followers are involved in a charity or special cause, get involved! Consider giving to that organization to show people that your business cares about making a difference. It will make a difference in your sales!

twitter follower tool for your business

Give Them Exclusive Deals and Promotions

Making followers feel special is a very powerful marketing tool for any business. When they are given a deal that is only marketed to them, they are more likely to take it than those that are not. These deals do not have to be complicated, keep them simple and fun! Making the deals available for a limited time creates a sense of urgency and will make them become customers on the spot!

When creating deals and promotions on Twitter, use key terms such as:

– Available until (date)

– Limited edition

– Be one of the few

– Last one

– Not available anywhere else

– Only available to subscribers

– For the next hour only

Include promotions in posts with this Twitter followers tool.

Include Customer Testimonials

Providing testimonials is a great Twitter follower tool to promote your business. People will be more receptive to real customers talking about how much they love your product or service, rather than self promoting how great you are. Try to find customers who have given your business the best reviews and ask them if they would be interested in being featured. This is another way of showing followers that you care about their feedback and that you want to reward them for doing so!

Stay Consistent

Consistency is a key Twitter follower tool! Make sure you are tweeting content consistently. Whether its a new tweet on specific days of the week or certain deals on specific days of the month, customers will look forward to what is coming next. 73% of followers want updates on future products. The more you stick to a schedule, the more reliable your business will appear to followers. It is okay to take some time off, but make sure to inform followers and mention that you can’t wait to come back and share your experience with them! They will become loyal followers if you show your loyalty as a business through consistency, frequency, and customer care. Loyal followers will result in loyal customers.

With this Twitter follower tool, it will help teach how to turn followers into clients.

Turning Twitter followers into customers is a task that many businesses struggle with. Succeed in growing your business through Twitter by using Twitter follower tool. By doing so, you are sure to be on your way to a successful fan to customer conversion! If you have any more questions or want a team of online marketing experts to help convert your social media followers into customers, contact us today for a free marketing analysis! Call us at (561) 429-2585 or connect with our West Palm Beach Digital Marketing Agency online! We would love to help your business grow!

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