Twitter for Business | 5 Twitter Tips for Business

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Curious about the success that comes with a strong social media presence? But not entirely sure where to start? Utilizing Twitter for business is a lucrative way to increase site traffic, build a community, and connect with your customers. But, simply having a twitter account and being active is not enough for guaranteed success. Here are 5 key factors to focus on while building your Twitter presence.


An optimized Twitter profile should reflect a brands’ voice and overall aesthetic. Some things to consider while creating a cohesive brand image for your twitter account: profile picture, background image, and bio. Making your profile picture your business’s logo is a great first step in sending a clear and concise branding message to your Twitter followers. Also, make your bio a clear overall summary of your business, with a link to your website. As for your Twitter background, feel free to use this area as free advertising, for example, making the image a current promotion, etc.…

Customer Service

Twitter is a great way to showcase your business’s customer service skills. If a customer reaches out via Twitter with a question or comment, the ability to respond immediately is at your fingertips. If managed properly, Twitter is a great platform for customer support. Twitter for business is also a way to have instant communication with your customers and followers.

Twitter for Business | What are 5 Twitter Tips for Business?

Post Frequent Quality Content.

It’s vital to post frequently to gain twitter exposure. The more you post the more likely you are to gain more followers and engagement. But, it’s important to always remember quality over quantity when it comes to Twitter posts. If your posting purely filler content, just for the sake of having multiple posts in a day or a week, you run the risks of followers getting bored with your content and unfollowing. So, make a point for each tweet to be engaging, interesting, and relevant to your business.


We all know networking is an essential key to business. Thanks to social media connecting personally and professionally have gotten a whole lot easier. So, use your twitter account as a networking tool by connecting with businesses or like-minded professionals in your industry. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation or connect, you never know what small connection on social media could lead to for your business.

Customer Feedback

Customers often use Twitter to voice their opinions and feedback on a business or product. Pay attention to customer feedback on your Twitter account. If a customer reaches out to you via twitter, they could have valuable feedback or insight for you to consider about your business.

Twitter for Business | What are 5 Twitter Tips for Business?


Twitter for Business

For a business, implementing a Twitter marketing strategy effectively can keep customers engaged and aware of new product offers.  By sharing interesting content, the number of followers will organically increase over time.  Digital Resource, an internet marketing agency, manages Twitter accounts for clients in a variety of different industries.  Contact Digital Resource to discuss how outsourcing your company’s social media presence can support your overall internet marketing strategy. 

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