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Can you promote your business in 140 characters or less?  Creating a Twitter marketing strategy requires fitting into the formula of communicating with limited space.  Twitter disrupted the social media landscape by introducing a chronological timeline of brief messages.  Users of this site choose who they follow, rather than randomly connecting with friends on other platforms like Facebook.  This difference allows a person to customize their timeline to show tweets only from people, celebrities, and businesses who they choose to follow.   Twitter also pioneered the hashtag, which has become a staple of digital marketing in recent years.  A hashtag is a marker that differentiates a word or phrase in the tweet which corresponds to a broader topic.  Clicking on a hashtag will reveal a separate timeline of tweets containing that specific word or phrase.  For example, the hashtag, #WorldSeries, allows anyone interested in the topic to view and interact with that tweet.  Hashtags are particularly effective for discussing breaking news or live events in real time.

what are the best ways to use twitter marketing strategy?

Best Practices

-Develop a Personality

One of the important factors for a successful Twitter marketing strategy is creating a definable identity that is expressed through your daily messages.  Individuals tend to have better following and engagement than companies.  Therefore, consider using the CEO or most recognizable personality in the company as a brand ambassador to distribute important updates.  Company accounts tend to be stale, with constant self-promotion.  Break up this monotony by providing educational and useful content as often as possible.  Humor is often received well on twitter and should be used when discussing trending topics in real time.  If using humor does not match the brand, try to be a go-to resource for important updates that matter to your followers.

-Follow Influential Accounts

Using Twitter strategically can benefit your company regardless of the number of followers that subscribe to your account.  Twitter is the timeliest resource for breaking news.  Following influencers and actively checking for updates will help a business understand their target market, consumer behavior trends and keeping up to date with current events.  United Airlines recently experienced a public relations catastrophe when a video of the forced removal of a passenger went viral.  Other airlines marketing teams would have been smart to be following that story in real time, seeing how the public reacted and learning from United’s mistakes.  When an event becomes viral the data available can help marketers measure the public’s opinions and habits.  This information should be used for marketing purposes and company decision making.

business twitter marketing strategy

-Engage Followers with Quality Content

Twitter is now an outlet for official updates from a personality or brand.  The days of formal press releases have passed and now anyone can provide information without using outside sources to distribute the message.  Your tweets should contain a mix of pictures, videos, gifs, poll questions, articles, memes and text to avoid becoming stale. Retweeting is also a good practice to share information you agree with or support.  Trends in social media communications are evolving daily and require the marketer to remain diligent in following trends to keep the messaging up to date.

Ready to Begin a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

For a business, implementing a Twitter marketing strategy effectively can keep customers engaged and aware of new product offers.  By sharing interesting content, the number of followers will organically increase over time.  Digital Resource, an internet marketing agency, manages Twitter accounts for clients in a variety of different industries.  Contact Digital Resource to discuss how outsourcing your company’s social media presence can support your overall internet marketing strategy. 

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