Twitter Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

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When you think of growing your business, you may agree that social media marketing is an important way to do it, but not a lot of business owners jump straight to Twitter as a thought. Although some people think of Twitter as a trend that’s slowly leaving the minds of your audience, take a moment after this blog to rethink that!

Different from Other Social Media Channels

Twitter has some specifications about it that makes is unique amongst all the social media outlets. First, there is the character limit of 140 characters. This creates a much faster paced social media channel, where short thoughts and ideas are shared quickly. It is a lot of times considered a real-time information network. It is so easy and so quick to share a blurb or opinion about something the user finds interesting or breaking news, that Twitter becomes a reel of information that can be absorbed quickly. The best performing Tweets are the ones between 71-100 characters. Tweets with images also get 150% more retweets and 89% more favorites than those without. Another factor that plays a huge role in Twitter are engaging hashtags, which increase Twitter engagement by 55%!

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Hashtags are keywords or phrases that are included in posts to help group together or categorize similar messages. Since this platform moves so quickly, in order for users to search a topic or category they can search by hashtag and find related Tweets. As a business you can capitalize on this by Tweeting popular hashtags and trending hashtags that relate to your business. Making sure your hashtags are relevant is important as users are searching these hashtags because they are interested in the topic or subject that the hashtag is about. Adding in irrelevant hashtags only to be found can lead to user dissatisfaction and that won’t lead to sales. Another way hashtags can help for a business is in the realms of branding. By creating a unique and memorable hashtag relating to your brand, you can have users tweet using this hashtag and connect to you. If for example you sell shoes, and with each pair of shoes you sell you brand the actual product with #myshoe. A user is likely to share a picture or a tweet about these shoes with your hashtag, bringing more awareness to your brand. 60% of consumers purchased something from a business because of something they saw on Twitter.

How Should I Use Twitter For My Business

As mentioned before, if you’re looking to brand, creating and promoting a unique hashtag can definitely spread the word about your business. There are other circumstances as well that Twitter can be used effectively for growing your business.

Having a presence alone on Twitter already gives you somewhat of an edge. 43% of customers plan to purchase regularly from the businesses they follow on Twitter. So building a following on Twitter also means building a loyal client base. 50% of consumers visited or shopped on the websites of the businesses they follow. When your potential customers are online and you are there, reminding them of your brand and your products, you are going to see a boost in your business.

The most effective Tweets are the ones that are accompanied with interesting and engaging content: a video, pictures, engaging hashtags, etc. Consumers are seeking content that is interesting while they are on social media, so in addition to posting about your business, you definitely want to be producing and sharing content that a user would find intriguing. To do this, you will want to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer and ask yourself what you would like to see from your business. Going back to the shoe company example, consumers would definitely want to see designs, possibly the processes that go on behind the scenes, the modeling shows where the shoes are being modeled, all of these types of things could be great content to post and share with your followers. As a general rule of thumb, you should try and limit the “sales-y” posts to about 10-15% of your posts. You don’t want your followers to become disinterested in your posts because they think you are trying to sell them all of the time.

Posting daily is also advantageous to your business as it shows your following that you are engaged with them on this outlet. You are there, you are a business that cares about your following and provides information they want. By building a good sized Twitter base and being active on this channel also helps in your SEO. It shouldn’t be the only tool you use in a SEO strategy, but the more your Twitter page grows, the more social signals search engines receive that you are a relevant and interesting business for the content you are posting. That way when consumers are searching terms relating to your business, search engines will take into account the amount of activity you have on social media channels, including Twitter, and you will get more ranking points than a competitor who is not taking advantage of these outlets.

Social media is important to your business in general, and Twitter, having over 100,000,000 active users worldwide, is definitely a tool you want to use in your internet marketing strategy. If you have any questions or need help with managing or creating a social media marketing strategy you can connect with our internet marketing agency online or you can call us at 561-429-2585! We can help your business grow using all the online marketing tools, including social media!

With a business degree from Florida Atlantic University, Julie has years of experience advertising and marketing for several businesses including real estate brokerages and photography companies. She brings her background in writing, graphic design and communications, as well as her experience in the field, when assisting clients with their internet marketing needs. She treats every client with the upmost level of professionalism and care, ensuring everyone who works with Digital Resource has a smile throughout the process!

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