Website Chat | Using Live Chat Messaging To Convert Leads

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Before websites became a basic requirement for most businesses, the storefront was where customers would go to have questions answered, interact with your employees and purchase products or services.  Today, the brick and mortar stores are slowly being replaced by digital real estate.  Consumers are becoming increasingly more attracted to shopping habits that provide convenience and speed to solve their needs.  Any business that strives to provide excellent customer service and acquire more clients should implement a website chat service.


Website Chat Converts Leads In Real Time


As consumer behavior becomes increasingly more digital, your customers are spending less time on the phone and more time on your website.  Therefore, having a direct line of communication can help solve problems before they begin.  Sometimes customers will be confused navigating your website alone.  Website Chat allows questions to be answered in real time for help finding exactly what they need and overcoming obstacles preventing a purchase.  Even if your product or service requires detailed conversation for each client, a live chat referral to call “this number to discuss further” is much more likely to result in a discussion than simply listing your businesses phone number on the website.  This additional level of customer service is one of the most simple and effective ways a website chat converts leads.  Customers are five times more likely to provide personal information through a live chat service that an online submission form, helping to grow your database quickly.


Helping Customers Conveniently

Regardless of the size and scale of a company, a live chat can help convert sales for any purchase.  A website selling computers or other large purchases would benefit from having a live expert answering questions about performance, technology, or brand preferences.  Without this service, the customer would likely need to visit or call a brick and mortar store to clarify if they are getting the right product before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Smaller purchases such as clothing, office supplies or concert tickets can also benefit from website chat interactions.  Through this service, the employee can often upsell their customers on additional accessories, monthly restocks of supplies or paid ahead parking to accommodate the customer before they are in need of additional help.  Website chat allows for an added layer of interaction between the company and consumer that encourages repeat business.

Service based industries can also use website chat to answer questions on a daily basis.  Oftentimes, additional sales opportunities will organically occur when a customer interacts with an expert online for services such as landscaping, painting, carpet cleaning, etc.


What If No One In Our Company Is Available?


Some companies might not see website chat technology as the best use of their employees’ time.  For these business owners, there are options to outsource this service and still see results.  By providing templated messaging an outside internet marketing agency can accommodate online inquiries for a wide range of questions that may be asked.  Even if the customer asks a difficult question that needs to be referred to an industry expert, the live chat interaction will guarantee the customer feels validated and assured that their question will be answered in a timely manner.  A well-trained website chat representative will be able to secure basic contact information so that every lead receives a follow-up.  By implementing a live chat service a website can convert sales by addressing concerns in real time with proactive customer service assistance.

Benefits of Website Chat services include:

  • Lead generation
  • Increased sales
  • Proactive outreach
  • Reduced expenses
  • Competitive advantages
  • Customer convenience
  • Faster problem resolution
  • Improved customer service and loyalty
  • Analytics and reporting


For assistance implementing and operating a website chat service on your website, Digital Resource has a team of experts ready to help.  Our website has seen fantastic results from using this strategy and we can show you the tips and tricks to seeing the best results from your website.  Contact our LiveChat team of experts today for a free assessment of your company’s digital strategy!

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