Video Marketing Production | Using Video Marketing for Small Businesses

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Whether you’re selling athletic apparel or an after-school tutoring program, if your small business is not utilizing videos you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Showcase your company in a personal way by using a video marketing production.  Let’s take a look at how your small business can increase user engagement and improve brand trust through video marketing!

How do I get the best video marketing production?

Why Your Business Needs to Focus on Video Marketing in 2019

Video Marketing Research

Creating video content for your business gives consumers a new interactive way to engage with your business. Many marketing platforms such as social media, webpage, and blog content use videos marketing. According to recent studies, 93% of business say they’ve gotten a new customer after they viewed a video. As social media grows, consumers are now drawn to an effective video production over any other type of content.  To better understand the success of video content, we have outlined some video marketing statistics to see how your small business can grow!

  • – The number one-way consumers found out about a product on social media was through video advertisements.
  • – Video content accounts for about 74% of all web traffic.
  • – Marketers have a satisfaction rate of 88% with the ROI of their video.
  • – Videos are one of the best ways to draw consumers to your webpage/social media pages.
  • – Consumers spend 88% more time on a website that contains a video.
  • – After watching a video, more than half of the viewers will become personally engaged with that brand.
Where can I get the best video marketing production?

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Video Marketing for Small Businesses

There are many challenges that small business face when trying to compete with larger corporations. As a result, it may seem like a large task to create a video for your small business, but the payoff will be worth it! Understanding what content to put in your video can be difficult, but it is critical to creating brand awareness. Using video marketing production allows your small business to communicate its unique value in a more engaging manner.

Three Tips for Small Businesses to Grow Their Video Marketing

  1. Determine what type of video you want your consumers to see. Whether you want to educate your consumers or create a call-to-action within your video, make sure you understand your objective before you start.
  2. Create a customer video testimonial by gathering some of your loyal consumers. Hearing and seeing an actual customer is much more effective than creating a written online testimonial.
  3. Show off your culture. Your company’s culture will help consumers become engaged and, in turn, feel like they are a part of your business.

Create a Video Marketing Production Strategy

There is no denying that video marketing has become the leading content for marketers. Consumers want to visually see how your company operates and will personally feel involved with your business after watching a video. Creating a video about your small business may feel daunting, but here at Digital Resource, we can create an amazing video that will ultimately generate more business for you! Contact our video marketing specialist today to get started!

How can I make an awesome video marketing production

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