Video Marketing Production | 3 Ways to Spice Up Video Ads

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Video production can be one of the most complex ad types you can employ. Here are three ways you can increase the production value of your video ad campaigns.


Not too bright, and not too dark.

One of the most common issues with many video ads is the initial setup before the video is recorded. By taking the time to set up the best combination of lights and shades, you will have a much easier time editing the video in post-production. Good lighting can make your videos seem like they are of a higher quality and will help establish credibility in your brand.


Setting and Background

Give your background some color.

An often-overlooked feature of video is the actual setting and what appears in the background of your video. You don’t want your background to be too distracting, but plain white walls can also seem boring. Be sure to include some color in the background of your shot in order to grab more attention from viewers.



Take out mistakes and add effects.

Perhaps the most difficult part of video production I good editing. It is important to take your time with post-production editing and make sure that every detail is correct and in order. Editing allows you to remove mistakes, skip past lulls in conversation, and much more. Be sure to have a talented editor onboard to ensure success.

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