Video Marketing Production | Why You Should Be Using Video

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Video advertising is one of the newest and most popular advancements in digital marketing. With video ads, you can make a small business seem like a large enterprise. Here are three great reasons why you should be using video for your advertising campaigns.

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Capture Attention

Get new clients through the door.

Because video is such a dynamic platform, it is the best way of capturing the attention of potential customers. One of the hardest aspects of digital advertising is getting the initial attention of the viewer. Video is animated and colorful, and so it has proven itself to be the most effective type of ad available.  Use video ads to get your foot in the door.


Increase Value

Inflate your perceived value.

In terms of the way your online presence is viewed online, video can produce an air of value in your company. Because video takes time to produce and skill to do well, most people believe it to be reflective of the value of the business itself. Having a high perceived value will help customers place trust in your business and establish a sense of credibility.



Keep search engines in mind with content.

Perhaps the most powerful feature of video advertising is the ability to optimize your video to work towards the search engine optimization of your content. Embedding information like keywords and location tags go a long way in helping to target your video ads to the right audiences that are more likely to be interested in the content.

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Video Marketing Production

Digital Resource is leading the way in video ad production. Video advertising is the future of brand recognition. Call us today if you have any questions about our process.

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