Watching the Leads Roll In: Video Marketing Is the Secret to Success

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  • Cisco predicts that video content will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2021.
  • Every month, 85% of internet users in the U.S. watch online video content on any of their devices.
  • 54% of internet users want to see more video content from a business they support.

These statistics show that the right time for video marketing is now. Much of the modern internet user’s expectation and experience are largely influenced by vlogs, video presentations, video interviews, product demos, product reviews, tutorials, live stream recordings, video ads, and video testimonials. If you own or manage a business, video marketing is definitely worth putting your mind and money into.

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Why Try Video Marketing?

Some people may think that their business has been doing just fine without videos. What they fail to realize is that they can use this powerful medium of communication to present their products and services to a much broader audience. Since the increasing demand for video is clearly evident, why not use it to your advantage?

Compared to adverts, news and other automated means of reaching target customers, video marketing offers a more authentic approach that today’s consumers find engaging. Furthermore, most internet users have the tendency to skip certain parts of written and audio content. Therefore, it’s much easier to grab their attention and earn their trust if you showcase what your business has to offer through videos. In a matter of minutes, they’ll have the chance to get to know and evaluate your brand.

Get On with Your Video Marketing Strategy!

Does your business have an overall marketing plan? If so, it would be much easier for you to determine who your target customers are.

However, since you’re trying to develop a video marketing strategy, knowing where your audience consumes their content and the type of content that they’re consuming is extremely important. While an awesome video that’s put in the wrong place can cost you a lot of potential leads, designing content that won’t work for the specific platform that your target customers are on can be equally harmful.

It helps if you look into the videos of your competitor to measure their subscriber base, view count, and engagement. Having this information can give you a good idea about your potential audience and the kind of content they’re interested in. If you can’t find any video content from your competitors, then you have this incredible opportunity to find your own audience. Among the popular places for hosting video content where you can plant your flag on your potential leads are YouTube and Facebook.

YouTube – Today’s #1 Social Video Platform

Although you can find a slew of video platforms on the rise, YouTube still has the greatest number of users (1.5 billion) logging in every month! People love placing their video content on YouTube because they’re free to host and tap into a large audience.

Furthermore, people who host their videos on YouTube also have the option to link to their websites directly from their YouTube videos as long as their sites are associated with their YouTube channels and they’re a part of the YouTube Partner Program. What’s more, YouTube has this awesome analytics toolset that can be used to improve its video strategy and channel.

On the flip side, those who want to use YouTube for hosting their videos will have to contend with the competition. Aside from the fact that they need to put in a lot of work to maintain a healthy and discoverable YouTube channel, there’s also no way for them to replace or update their video file with a much newer version.

Are you thinking about hosting your videos on the internet world’s #1 social video platform? This would be a great idea if you’re doing reviews, favorites or “best of” recaps, how-to’s, vlogs, and educational videos. Although you’re free to host your business’ relevant content for embedding purposes on your website, don’t expect to gain a YouTube audience through this. In case you want to keep your videos private and your viewers specific, you can choose to publish them as “unlisted”.

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Facebook – The Next Frontier for Video

Almost everybody on the planet has his or her own Facebook account that’s why Facebook isn’t far behind YouTube in terms of watch time. In fact, users watch over 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every week.

Aside from being free to host and engage with a large audience, it’s also a great value-add for businesses that already have steady Facebook communities. What’s so great about using Facebook over other platforms is that it has an autoplay feature that’s effective at grabbing your target customers’ attention as they’re scrolling through their feed.

Furthermore, a study shows that this platform can offer you a bigger bang for your buck than YouTube in terms of cost per impressions for PPC. It also makes analytics tools available for use when your page hits 30 likes or more.

Since videos can be easily passed around, Facebook is an effective tool for viral content. As of the moment, the people behind Facebook are working to boost their video platform – which means that over the long-term, it wouldn’t be surprising if Facebook becomes the new frontier for video.

The downside to using Facebook as your platform for video content is that your video life can often be short-lived. Also, due to the wealth of other content available on Facebook, your audience will tend to have a much shorter attention span.

Most of the videos that get a lot of attention on Facebook are under the categories of entertaining, inspiring, informative, and funny. Videos under two minutes fare better than longer ones. They are best for companies that have a specific customer in mind. It’s a tougher sell for businesses who are looking for potential services.

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