Creative Ways You Can Promote Your Small Business Through Social Media Videos

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  • 80% of brand audiences prefer watching a live video to reading a blog post or an article
  • Facebook has more than 2.32 billion active users every month
  • Facebook Live videos produce six times as many interactions as traditional videos.

If you’re a small business owner in a market that’s crowded with competitors, then you may think that your business isn’t going to thrive any longer. But that’s simply not true. Saturation means that there’s a strong demand for the product or service you’re offering. Consider it as an opportunity to succeed. You just need to know how to stand out among your competitors and make your brand known. You can start by establishing a social media presence through video marketing.

To stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors, you need to be proactive about taking advantage of platforms where you can market your business and reach a wider audience. Facebook has 2.32 billion active users each month, while Instagram has 800 million active users each month. This is the perfect avenue for you to promote your business and reach out to your target market and a wider audience. But how?  Aside from posting ads, both platforms have introduced live video streaming, which is patronized by many users. This feature allows you to connect and interact with your customers and potential customers on a personal level, allowing you to promote your brand while building trust and lasting relationships with your customers. To guide you on how to establish social media presence and promote your business online through video marketing, here are some tips you need to take note of:

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Let Your Audience Know When You’re About to Go Live

Let your audience know when you’re going to do a live video and tease them by giving a sneak peek on what it’s going to happen. This will build anticipation so your audience has something to look forward to. You can also ask them to spread the news by sharing your announcement and live video, so more people can join you in your Facebook Live. Not only will this help establish your presence on social media, but it can also help promote your small business.

Tackle Trending Topics

Since the internet is constantly buzzing with new trends and breaking news, make it a point to discuss trending topics in one of your live videos. Discussing real-time current events allow your audience to get engage, get involved, and start a discussion. It’s also an opportunity for you to share your thoughts or use these real-time trends to show off your expertise in business, art, food, or others. Doing this will capture viewers. For example, chatbots. You can ask your audience what they think about chatbots and if they’ll like it if you integrate chatbots into your site.

Use Live Videos to Announce the Launch of a New Product

Live video is a great way to announce or broadcast live your product launch. It can help create a buzz around your new product or service, which can help boost sales. You can also do a product demonstration during your announcement to spark interest among your viewers and encourage them to try your product.

Encourage Participation During Live Videos

It’s important to encourage audience participation throughout your live videos to increase engagement. You can do so by asking your audience for their opinions, reactions, or comments regarding your brand, the product or service you offer and in turn, they can also ask you questions or for your opinion or reaction. But what’s even better is if it starts a conversation among your audience. Aside from making your audience feel that their opinions are valued, but it also allows you to get an insight into what your target market wants and needs. You can encourage participation by doing the following:

Q&A Live Videos

Do a question and answer session in one of your live videos. It can be about your brand, your personal life, current events and more. The topics are endless! Doing a live Q&A session is a great way to strengthen your relationship with your customers and prospects. By answering questions regarding your brand and the product or service that you offer, it allows your audience to understand what you have to offer and what your competitive advantage is. It can also be an avenue where you can ask your customers or prospects ideas on how to improve your brand, product, or service, or how to better serve them and keep them satisfied. This is crucial for video marketing.

Go Behind the Scenes

By giving them a peek at your personal life and how running a small business is like, it allows your customers and prospects to humanize your brand, connect with you and your brand on a personal level, and it allows them to see you and your brand from a fresh perspective. People are also naturally curious about what goes on behind the scenes, so go ahead and do a Facebook live about an event you’re attending, or a day in your life, or the production process of your product.

Test your Product Live

Doing live testing on your product is a great way to gain and build trust among your customers and prospects. A live demonstration will allow your customers to understand how to properly use your product and it allows them to see before their very eyes that your product is what you say it is.

Do a Raffle

Giving away samples of your product is a great marketing strategy, but doing it live is genius. This will spark interest among your customers and gather a wider audience. You can start by asking your audience to share your video, like your FB page, and follow you on other social media platforms if they want to join your raffle. Not only will this help spread your live video, but it can also promote your small business and establish your social media presence.

Create a Poll

Create a poll to know what your audience thinks! Especially if you’re trying to come up with a new product or service. Use this feature to create a business opportunity!

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Looking for Help with Video Marketing and Social Media?

Start using Facebook live or Insta-live and follow these tips to effectively promote your small business and establish a strong social media presence. Not only will this help you stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors, but it can also help build strong lasting relationships with your customers. If you want to learn more about live videos and how to create interesting content for your audience, then visit our website to get in touch without marketing experts for more updates about marketing trends and strategies that will surely help your small business grow with video marketing.

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