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Millennials are currently the largest generation so it’s no surprise that they are also one of the largest groups actively online. In fact, millennials are spending almost 8 hours a day online! That’s 8 hours of their day that there is a chance they stumble onto your website. So while you may know some tips about how to market to millennials online, you may not be aware of how your web design can be used to attract this generation. Luckily, our web design agency put together a few key points to include in the design of your website to better attract the largest generation.

Have a Responsive Design

This generation has grown up with technology and it plays a role in their everyday lives. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are where millennials go to connect, engage, and find information. Most of this generation isn’t using just one device, about 87% are using 2-3 devices on a daily basis. In order to attract this group with your website, you MUST have a responsive web design.  If users aren’t able to access your site across multiple devices, you’re missing out on a huge group of potential customers.

tips on how to attract millennials from west palm beach web design agency

Make it User Friendly

Millennials aren’t new to the internet and want to find what they’re looking for fast. If they can’t find what they want with 1 or 2 clicks, they’ll go elsewhere to find it. For millennials, it’s all about convenience.  Adding shortcuts and clear call to actions are a good idea if you are looking to target this generation. Consider using “buy now” buttons or click to call buttons to add to the convenience of your site. A simple navigation bar that takes users where they want to go quickly will also be of huge benefit when trying to attract millennials. Also keep in mind the load time of your website. If there’s one thing millennials don’t have, it’s patience. A simple, quickly loaded site will ensure a great user experience among this demographic.

Add Social Media Buttons

Millennials are all about social media so what better way to connect with them then showing that your business is on social media too!? These buttons add to the convenience of finding your social media pages and make it easy for users to make a connection. More than half of millennials trust reviews about a company or product that they read online. Social media is a great way to for users to be able to connect with other buyers and see what other people are saying about your business. Eliminate the hassle of trying to find your social media pages and make it accessible directly through your website!

Attract millennials with your website with these tips from our web design agency

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