Web Design Agency in the USA | Five Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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The overall appearance of your website sets the tone for a consumer’s experience. That’s why your website needs to be user-focused and easy to navigate. Your website is the best way to introduce your company to customers. Take a look at the five need-to-know mistakes to avoid with your web design agency in the USA!

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid:


1. AutoPlay Video

For starters, autoplay videos are an unwelcome pop-up when customers visit your website. Some people will watch it, but the video is likely to gloss over consumers who just don’t care. They want to take a look through the content of your website and if they are interested in playing video—users should be able to do it on their own terms.


2. Large Images

In addition, websites are becoming more visually appealing, but this should not transcend to large scale images. The larger the image, the longer it will take to load on your website. Try re-sizing and scaling large images so users can have a great experience with good graphics.


3. Continuous Scroll

Moreover, pages that have never-ending content is not a good sign. This will only frustrate consumers because it makes them feel like they are missing out on vital content. Keep in mind that information should be clear, concise, and at a reasonable length.


4. Disappearing Dropdown Menus

Furthermore, dropdown menus are not efficient if they disappear as soon as the customer clicks elsewhere on the page. Menus should be optimized so users can easily navigate throughout the site.


5. Not Mobile-Friendly

Last but not least, websites need to be desktop and mobile-friendly. Over 50% of the population use phones and tablets to visit websites. Even if your website is optimized for mobile, make sure that it looks appropriate on the user’s end. Everything should be streamlined and in its corresponding place.

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Are You Looking for a Web Design Agency in the USA?

All in all, your marketing campaign should incorporate a user-friendly website. Make it easy for consumers to navigate an enjoyable experience. Visit us today to get started!

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