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When building a modern-day business, a website is a must. You need to establish your place in the digital realm, and a site is the first step to start ranking against your competitors. However, there are some basics a web design agency uses to optimize your website and immediately put you a step above the rest.

From an easy-to-use navigation bar to proper permalink structures, you can formulate a site that is conducive to Google’s algorithm. This will set you up for better visibility and hopefully generate more leads. Here are three web design basics that can help you code a search engine optimized site:


Make It User-Friendly

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If your website is visually unappealing and nearly impossible for an inexperienced user to navigate, you are going to run into an array of issues. You can start making your site user-friendly by having a proper balance between visual components and copy.

People love pictures. So, make sure there are quality images that exude your brand. Additionally, break up long paragraphs. Short passages are easier to consume and will make visitors more inclined to read. Remember: You can build out other pages aside from your home page, so keep only the most pertinent information on your landing page.

Next, a navigation bar should be self-explanatory. It should be easy to find and have simple language so that users can find their way around your website without getting lost – which happens all too often. So, make sure content always has a parent page. Also, include a home tab so a user can make their way back. Lastly, keep any forms lightweight. A name and one piece of contact information should be enough to get what you need and not overwhelm a user.

Find Useful Plugins

Plugins give you the ability to add useful and fun elements to your website. Some are for back-end purposes while others, users will be able to engage with while visiting your site.

Google Analytics tracks your website’s performance. You can then view the numbers by logging into the administrator side of your website. With Google Analytics, you can see page views, page referrals, user devices and more over a selected amount of time. They are depicted in a variety of graphs and tables, giving you comprehensible data.

Then there are more specific plugins like Yoast SEO. Yoast provides guidelines for search engine optimization. It helps you write posts that are favorable to crawlers analyzing your content for the likes of Google. Lastly, you can have some fun with plugins! Find a photo gallery you love or implement a 360-viewing tool. Just make sure you do your research to ensure they are quality plugins.

Content Structure

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You should treat every blog as a new web page because, in simple terms, it is. Just like your other pages, you want your blogs to be effortlessly navigable and easy on the eyes. Start by picking a focus keyword and building your post around it. Additionally, break your content down with headers. H2 tags create a visual hierarchy and make your content more approachable.

You should also pay attention to the seemingly small details. Alter a photo’s title and alt text to contain the keyword. Make sure you are using web-safe fonts so that your copy is visible across devices. Also, edit your permalink to be concise – nobody wants to share a link longer than the alphabet.

How Can A Web Design Agency Help You?

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