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A business’s webpage is the heart of its online presence. For this reason, web design companies spend a considerable amount of effort and resources building it. Aside from designing a pleasant looking site, there is the added pressure to optimize the design of your site for SEO. Obviously, having a great website means it looks great and is easy to use. Beyond that, though, many designers are confused on how to use design to pull people in. Listed below are the primary components to help you create a better webpage.

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Tips for Building a Better Webpage


Design Intent

In all website development, the user is king. All efforts should be put into delivering them with the best possible online experience. So first and foremost, a website should be easily navigable. Users enter websites in search of specific information. If your site loses a user’s interest, they will leave and continue elsewhere. With this in mind, being intentional in how information is displayed and how it’s organized are both vital. All webpages are at war to keep a user’s attention. Making use of tabs, labels and intentionally placed photos will add to the user experience when done appropriately. There are many ideas on how to perfectly structure your site but overall designs should be focused on keeping users’ attention.


Beyond the functionality of a user-friendly website, your site makes an impression. It is the online extension and representation of your business. The thoughts users have toward your website will translate to how they perceive your business. Websites are your business online.  Assuring your website is well-crafted and continually maintained will portray trustworthiness.  Web design companies should strive to be creative and produce excellent work. With that said, a growing majority of web searches occur on mobile devices. Sites should then be designed with the mobile experience in mind as well as the desktop. Taking these steps will attract users to your business and associate positive in the minds of potential clients.



SEO Structure

Beyond simply having an eye-popping site, a great webpage does everything it can to cater to SEO. After understanding your market and choosing optimal keywords, the website developer becomes responsible for engraining them in the site. Including relevant keywords in pages, titles, and descriptions is a good starting point. However, there are many ways to design with SEO in mind. Making sure your site loads quickly by regular maintenance is another way to cater to SEO algorithms. Sites can also appeal to SE crawls by optimizing images, organizing content hierarchically, and keeping content simple. In conclusion, designing with SEO in mind is crucial to success.



Link Building

Although not part of your visible site, backlinking is a crucial part of a good webpage. Backlinks essentially function as digital recommendations and references within other sites. This means its quality over quantity. With backlinking being so highly competitive, many attempt various tactics to reach success. Blogs are one of the easiest and most popular ways to create good backlinks, but directories and other articles are important too. With good sources backlinking your site, their credibility will transfer over. The best web design companies build a strong backlink foundation.



Most people searching online are seeking answers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of an online business to cater to their audience. With that said, there are many ways to assist them in finding a solution. Your content should be filled with useful information. A full list of products and services is a good way to help a customer find exactly what they are searching for. An internal search engine is also helpful, but not all problems can be solved with user supportive design.  Contact submissions forms and live chats are great ways for users to easily reach out for help not available on the page. All of these tools contribute to the overall goal of supporting an online user in their search.


Social Media

Tying a business’s social media accounts into their main site is a great practice. Social media is crucial in today’s digital age to maintain connections with customers and craft your brand’s identity. It allows users to connect with the business on different terms in a more casual, friendly manner. Social media is just one way of improving online interaction and directing users to additional content you provide. Web design companies should make social media accounts very visible on the site.



Listing your business’s address online is simply not engaging enough. By incorporating an online map in your site, you also are leveraging the map’s search engine factors. This will benefit your SEO strategy as you can focus on specific geographic audiences. Business proximity is a major function of online map searching. Then this will help you target local searchers and make you more visible online.


Video Content

Videos are a great way to tell your brand’s story. More captivating than simple text, videos engage viewers and better serve specific content goals. Videos are great opportunities for a business to display creativity and personal touch over a mobile-friendly medium. Videos can also be SEO optimized so they appear more easily on social media and in web pages. Adding videos to your site is just another way to increase engagement and add value to your site as a whole. Web design companies who incorporate varying media experienced higher success rates.



Finally, an excellent website will have user reviews. Reviews will contribute to SEO but also provide a personal testament to your business’s work. Good reviews can greatly influence online users. If reviews have such value, your site should lend itself to gaining more. Be sure to clearly display reviews and don’t be afraid to ask for more. People are happy to speak about the good experiences they’ve had. Keep the review snowball rolling.

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The Best of Web Design Companies?

Designing a website can be demanding but following these tips as a guide will assure success. If you are considering ways of increasing your digital marketing efforts, your website is a great place to start. Digital Resource offers a free internet marketing analysis of your current website and marketing strategies. They also offer webpage design and maintenance services.

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