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Your company is characterized by your overall website design. This acts as the main hub that represents your company and you should always test out different strategies. In doing so, you can learn which techniques work for you and which ones don’t. Keep reading for more information about the latest web design companies!

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Strategies for Testing:

1. Existence Testing

In the first place, existence testing focuses on analyzing your website efficacy at its most basic level. Before testing, do not make any changes to your website that could impact the purity of the test itself. The goal of this test is to measure how efficient your current website is and make the necessary changes.


2. Exploit

Moreover, the exploit portion of the test involves maximizing website conversion elements. This part identifies which aspects hurt your site and making changes accordingly. Figure out how you can improve your conversion elements such as CTAs and contact forms.


3. Explore

Lastly, explore includes the actual redesign process. After you’ve analyzed your static site and conversion elements, this is the time to implement the changes.

Therefore, there are three ways you can improve your website after preliminary testing:


  • Change the overall design (color scheme, font, layout)


  • Incorporate new elements to your website


  • Test new changes against your competitors


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Are You Looking for the Latest Web Design Companies?

We know the importance of having a reliable web design for your company. As your digital marketing experts, testing your website can produce a multitude of results. By following and planning three simple steps, you can effectively test your new site! These are simple but can significantly change the number of conversions compared to what you are getting now. Contact us today to set up an appointment with an in-house digital marketing consultant!

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