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HTTP – we’ve all seen those four little letters before websites for years. But, when they’re next to WWW (or World Wide Web), we never paid them much attention. However, there’s a lot more relevance when it comes to those four little letters nowadays. In fact, in order for your web design to even matter, you absolutely need that HTTP. Keep reading to learn more.

What does HTTP Stand For?

HTTP stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”.

What is HTTP?

Understanding why a URL needs that little HTTP is a process at the very root of the internet. Web pages (what you’re seeing right now) are made up of files of code that contain all the information that will be available. You find that webpage by looking at it through a browser. Browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, and so forth. The browser gets the information for a webpage from a server using Hypertext Transfer Protocol. When the information is on a server, it is called “hosting”.

The server must communicate to the browser what the webpage will display. HTTP is the language being used in a conversation between the browser and the server. Just like how you would give a friend directions. You give them all the information they need to get from Point A to Point B in English.

So, when someone types in a URL (makes a request), the HTTP process begins.

What Are the Codes an HTTP Request Uses?

Have you ever gotten a 404 Error when a page can’t be found? This is an HTTP response! So, you requested a page and the server couldn’t find it. So, instead of sending over the webpage with the corresponding information, it sends a 404 code. There are different codes for different responses.

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