Web Design | Should My Site Be Deferring Images?

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Web page loading speed is more important than ever nowadays. But, as sites get bigger and more content is put on them, you need to find more creative ways to keep them running at their fastest potential. This is why having a web design that defers images is best. Keep reading to learn more:

What Does It Mean to Defer Images?

When you click to a new web page, browsers are set up for all of the images on the page load at once. This includes the ones that you cannot see before scrolling down. Deferring images is when a site can “trick” a browser into thinking that the images below the scroll aren’t there. This is “lazy loading” and creates a default image in the HTML and later switches to the real image with javascript.

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What Are the Benefits of Deferring Images?

When you create this false image, the browser is not taking the time to load it immediately. Then, as the visitor scrolls, the real image loads later on. This is a simple method that can make your page loading time way less. That improvement in speed ultimately improves the user experience and opens up more opportunity for leads.

Should My Website Defer Images?

If you’re looking to improve loading times, or are posting a lot of visual content and want to be proactive, you should most definitely defer images. So, when a visitor clicks on a page, they will see the header image and as they scroll, the page will be monitored so that it loads the subsequent images in time. A web developer can input code that does this.

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Are You in Need of a New Web Design?

There are so many elements that go into a successful web design. That’s why you need an experienced team behind the development. So, start seeing how successful your current site is with a free internet marketing analysis.

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