Web Design in Atlanta | How Do Successful Business Websites Differ?

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When you’re a company in a big city, it can be easy for your business to get lost in the mix of services that are similar to yours. That’s why web design in Atlanta is so important. A creative, appealing, and user-friendly website has the power to set you apart from the competition.

There have been studies done on some of the most successful Fortune 500 company websites to see what makes them effective. Take a look at the following findings for inspiration on how to make your web design more successful.

What improvements need to be made to my web design in Atlanta?

9 Aspects of Effective Web Design

Width – The average width of the websites studied is 877 pixels.

Logo – 93% of these effective websites incorporate the company logo in the top left corner.

Tagline – 27% of the company logos on the websites include a tagline or a slogan.

Background – 80% of the sites use a primarily light background and color scheme.

Search Box – 87% have incorporated a search field for their customers.

Call to Action – 47% of websites have a clear call-to-action button that takes users three seconds or less to see.

Blog Posts – 60% of successful websites feature the latest news and blog posts on their homepage.

Newsletter – More than 80% of companies with effective websites don’t have a newsletter signup feature on their homepage.

Social Media – Only 11% of companies have social media links above the fold on their website. Meanwhile, the remaining 89% have them below.

Do You Need Assistance with Better Web Design in Atlanta?

Who can work on my web design in Atlanta?

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