Web Design in Jacksonville | When Should I Update My Website?

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In person, it takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Online, your website has three seconds or less to make its first impression. And, for many online visitors, when they click on your website, it may be the first interaction ever that they have with your brand. So, when is it time to update your web design in Jacksonville? Keep reading to find out:

It is Outdated

Your website can be outdated in several ways. And, first of all, visually and functionally, your website can be outdated. So, this means that it is not user-friendly and shows its age. You should have some more modern elements (it needs to be responsive – or respond to phone sizes) that make it easy for visitors to navigate where they would like and do so with an aesthetically-pleasing interface.

why do i need a responsive web design in jacksonville

You Have a New Promotion

If you are running a new promotion, you can market it through your website. This could be done with a new featured image on the home page or a small pop up. Plus, you can even promote it in your Live Chat window. This can be a simple element that changes as your promotions do.

You are Rebranding

Your website is the first impression for your brand-new customers. So, it should exemplify what your brand is. From the tone of the language to the multimedia and visual elements, it should all be consistent and brand-friendly. If it is not, you should definitely consider redoing your website.

what are some must-have website design in jacksonville elements

You are Improving SEO

Search Engine Optimization is everything. And, it begins with your website. From the backend functions to the frontend design, every element that goes into your site can contribute to your SEO. And, the better your SEO, the higher you are ranking on search engine results and the more potential customers you are bringing in.

Are You in Need of a Great Web Design in Jacksonville?

Having an outstanding web design in Jacksonville can set your business apart from others in the area. So, if you are looking to have the best in the business, request a free internet marketing analysis today!

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