Web Design in Miami | The Latest Trends of 2017

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Each year, new trends emerge in the web designing industry, and it’s critical to stay on top of these shifts to remain relevant in your industry. As technology adapts to the interests of consumers, Web design in Miami has significantly changed and so should your business.

Change is always essential when maintaining relevancy in the internet marketing world. There are trends for 2017 that every company should implement on their website. Read more to see if your business webpage is amongst the top ranking sites searched.


how do i develop web design in miami and for mobile devices?


Always Think Mobile First for Web Design in Miami

Everyone owns a phone these days. We use it to travel, check out stores close by while staying connected 24/7 to family and friends. With this, mobile traffic has increased dramatically, and it’s vital all websites conform to mobile settings.

Implementing these design strategies increases traffic to your page and should be easy for the customer to navigate. Create an online experience for mobile users and design like a web desktop.

Everybody Loves Video and Gifs

The average attention span of people visiting websites is down to 8 seconds. The effects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle of the brain have changed the way sites are designed. Therefore, videos and gifs are a great resource to quickly grab your customers attention and connect your message among the masses.

A recent report determined that Google predicts around 74% of all web traffic in 2017 will come from video. Shareable content is the most efficient way to market and brand a company. Websites in 2017 should feature more full-screen videos and bite-sized pieces aimed at educating and sharing customers.

Photo-centric Designs and Menus

Vibrant, colorful and captivating photos should be placed all throughout your website to compete with other businesses. Authentic photography for product photos is the best way to compel customers to invest in your company. When overlooking pictures on your website, if they are magazine worthy and filled with product and service integration, then your site is updated to 2017 standards.

For the menu and navigational guide on your website, organizing the content logically is vital to eliminate clutter. Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Why are people visiting your site?
2. What are they looking for?
3. Who is the main person that visits your site?

Ensure that your layout is tailored to a specific visual design and flow. The easier it is for the customer to see in front of them what your business does, the more inclined they will be to purchase products or services. Simplicity is always more!


how should my web design in miami look?

Vibrant Color Schemes

The enticing color scheme and theme for your website should grab your reader’s attention in 3 seconds or less. With the number of sites in on the web, standing out has become a challenge.

Make sure to have big typography with bold colors that demand attention. However, ensure it aligns with the overall theme of your website. Grabbing a user’s attention is necessary to guide their overall experience with your site.

Faster Load Times for Web Design in Miami

There are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today. A variety of these sites either have fast load times or slow and as a consumer, you want quick, easy and fast information.

As internet speeds continue to increase, we’re pushing the bandwidth with more substantial and articulate content. Many sites have become bloated this amount of information. It’s crucial that the host site of your domain is fast, so audiences are at ease when browsing your website.

Having trouble implementing the latest trends of 2017 into your website? Not sure how to incorporate these elements of Web Design in Miami? We can assist you! Contact Digital Resource to get started.

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