Web Design in New York City | 3 Web Design Trends for 2018

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Having a professional and personal web design is essential for attracting new clients, and optimizing your business’s website. After all, it is often the first impression a customer has of your business. However, what was popular in 2017 may not be the key to your website’s success in 2018. Check out these top web design trends for 2018 to make sure your business has the best web design in New York City.

Trend #1: Interactive Content

Consumers now expect more from a website from simply reading information. Interactive content entertains customers and creates a more personal experience as they explore the content of a website. Businesses such as Home Depot and The American Red Cross use the power of quizzes to interact with the customers.

Where can I find the best web design in New York City?

Trend #2: Animations and Illustrations

A unique and distinctive style can set your brand apart from others. In 2018, animations and illustrations can enhance your company’s web design style by fun and playful content to your website. Animated logos, menus, and backgrounds can tell the consumer a story in a matter of seconds. Utilizing the power of animations and illustrations can further enhance customer engagement.

Trend #3: Fluid Shapes and Video

Videos are now a part of how brands communicate to their audience. Shapes and shadows were all the rage in 2017. More websites are using gradients with lots of white space and more fluid shapes. To keep your website on trend, use informative videos in your web design as well as gradients, fluid shapes, and typography.

Where can I find the best web design in New York City?

Top Web Design in New York City

Keeping up with the top web design trends is essential to keeping current clients and attracting new leads. Keep these trends in mind, then contact Digital Resource for the top web design in New York City. Our web design experts will make sure your business’s website is on trend to stay ahead of the competition.

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