Web Design in Orlando | 5 Web Design Trends for 2018

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The internet is constantly evolving. Meaning, how we experience the internet is changing right alongside it. And, in a visual world, that means modern websites offer an array of cool elements that make the user experience so much fun. Keep reading to learn more about trends that are hitting web design in Orlando this year:


We live in a visual era. And, how we depict things aesthetically continues to change. Big photos have long been a priority for websites, but illustrations are really making an entrance. Taking center stage, graphics can offer a unique take on information and data.

Rounded Corners

When you think of websites and tech, you might think nice clean lines. That’s about to change in web design. Rounded corners and elliptical features are in, making more a more organic and aesthetically-pleasing view.

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More Motion

Remember when a parallax image was cool? We’ve come a long way since then. You can expect to see more motion, more interactive graphics, and overall more movement. This is meant to make the experience more entertaining in addition to informational.

Page Transitions

Loading pages are nothing to write home about. You get a black or white screen for a split second and the next one loads. Well, for pages with a lot of data, they can take a minute to load. So, having a graphic or a page to denote a page transition is becoming increasingly popular.

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Serif Fonts

Serif fonts (the ones with the little feet on them) were once the bane of low-resolution screens. But, with retina displays, serif fonts are making a comeback, offering a traditional yet cool look to online typography.

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