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Web design is the face of your business. How would you like your company to be viewed? Make sure that your digital spaces stay-up-to date with current trends and styles. Here is your web design checklist to make sure you’re getting the most out of your site’s web design in Palm Springs!


Mobile Friendly

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way. A study found that in 2017, mobile internet usage surpassed traditional desktop usage. There are no signs of that trend changing anytime soon. So, unless you want to potentially miss out on over half of your potential leads, be sure to make the necessary changes if you haven’t already.


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Animation and Video?

You always hear that a website needs to have engaging content. One of the fastest growing engagement trends on the internet is video and animation. Even if your marketing team is bringing leads to your site, you still must convert them into customers. Video content is one of the best ways to convert leads and sell your company’s brand, products, and services next to meeting face-to-face.


Engaging Typography

If your company does not have the current capacity needed to produce high-quality video content, typography is a popular alternative. This technique uses a more minimalistic approach and uses large or disrupting type as a substitute for images. This, however, is more for stylistic purposes and often does not produce the same level of results as video content.


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One of the newest trends is asymmetry and brutalism. This style interrupts linear progressions with attention-grabbing features. Though symmetry is still present, this allows the web design to more effectively direct viewer attention to the desired areas.


Did Your Web Design in Palm Springs Check All the Boxes?

Did your website check all of the boxes mentioned above? If not, it may be time to hire an expert. Digital Resource is a digital marketing company that specializes in web design in Palm Springs. Contact us today!


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