Web Design in Tampa | How Can I Optimize My Landing Page?

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When you are trying to generate leads online, the majority of potential clients are going to come through your website. However, if you are targeting a really focused demographic for a particular type of lead, a landing page is a wise option. Here is what you should know about landing page web design in Tampa:

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specified segment of a website that visitors can access through a hyperlink or another web page. A landing page can be used for click-through or lead generation purposes. Click through landing pages persuade a visitor to click to another page. Website owners use these as a part of the e-commerce funnel. Lead generation pages act as an element of a marketing campaign. They provide targeted information and a form of contact so that a company can gain a new customer or so that customers can make a purchase immediately.

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5 Elements of an Optimized Landing Page

Attention-Grabbing Header

Most likely, the first element any landing page visitor will see is the header. This should be a little larger and catchy. This of this as your first impression. It takes seven seconds to make an impression in person, so grab your audience’s attention in less than seven words.

Focused Copy

Because a landing page is meant to be concise, your copy needs to be on point. You need to provide the most relevant information in a tone that is appropriate and brand-friendly. Bullet points are a great option for landing pages so that your visitors are not stuck with lengthy paragraphs that deter them from wanting to read.

Relevant Graphics

Graphics should complement any copy. The whole point of a landing page is to tell a short story within your brand. So, graphics should do that as well. Choose them wisely and do not overwhelm visitors with content.

Form of Contact

Contact information should always be available. However, some forms of contact are more effective than others on a landing page. Email and calls tend to have a delay. Live chat is a great option for a landing page. Live chat is a real-time customer service and lead generation chat that allows for instant assistance. So, a live chat service can help optimize the landing page by progressing the lead generation process.


You would not go to a doctor that you have heard nothing about. Customer testimonials show new potential clients that your business, and its products or services, are legitimate. So, you can request via email for past clients to leave a review, or copy a few from your Facebook and Yelp pages. Any sort of review can work to legitimize your company!

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Are You Looking to Optimize Your Web Design in Tampa?

Web design plays a vital role in your digital marketing strategy. Whether it is a simple landing page or a complex, multi-page website, it can help you bring in new clients. So, if you are looking to optimize your web design in Tampa, start with our instant SEO scan!

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