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Hansel and Gretel weren’t the only ones to benefit from a breadcrumb trail. In fact, you can think of web designers and SEO experts as the modern-day duo. That’s because digital “breadcrumbs” can be of tremendous use for those Google bots to crawl around a web design in West Palm Beach and determine how a site is built. Keep reading to learn more:

What are Breadcrumbs?

Digital breadcrumbs are a trail used by website users. So, when a visitor goes deeper into a site, they are able to find their way back to previous pages with ease. This keeps your site structured.

Why are breadcrumbs important for web design in West Palm?

Why are Breadcrumbs Important for SEO?

A major component of search engine optimization is user-friendliness. Things should be easy for your visitors to find, and breadcrumbs make that possible. Having breadcrumbs sprinkled where they’re necessary can decrease bounce rate because it makes it simpler for people to stay on your site and search. Breadcrumbs also make Google crawlers happy and may earn you a better ranking over time.

What Types of Breadcrumbs are There?

Hierarchy or Location-Based: This is the most common type of breadcrumb. It shows a Google crawler the hierarchy of web pages. That means, it assists the bot to break down which information is most relevant, as well as the rest of the delineation. This is extremely useful for e-commerce sites where a customer may be several pages deeper than the homepage.

Attribute-Based: This type of breadcrumb shows the characteristics of an item so that a visitor can explore similar items. So, this includes color, shape, size, category, and so forth.

History-Based: Finally, ones of the least popular breadcrumbs is a history-based one. You think of this one as a manual back button, which typically overrides this option.

Why does my business need a responsive web design in West Palm Beach?

Are You in Need of Web Design in West Palm Beach?

Let your web design in West Palm Beach say great things about your business! If you’re looking to revamp your site or start from scratch, our team of experts at Digital Resource can assist you. So, contact us to learn more.

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