Web Design in West Palm Beach | Why People Don’t Trust Your Website

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Customers don’t want to engage with a website they don’t trust which is why an updated web design in West Palm Beach is important. May websites make the mistake of designing their website but not updating it. This can lead to outdated information and confusion among your website visitors. Keep reading to learn the five reasons why people might not trust your website and how to fix it!

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Seems Untrustworthy

1. Too Little Information

It is important that your business website has detailed information, especially on the “About Us” and “Contacts” pages. The information on these pages should be detailed and personal. People relate absent and impersonal information to being less trustworthy and therefore think the website is hiding something. Scam artists will sometimes create fake or misleading websites to get personal information. Fix: Tell the story of your business, add pictures of employees, and provide contact information at the bottom of each page.


2. Private Domain Name

May websites have their domain name hidden from public view for a variety of reasons. This can make websites look suspicious because they are hiding information. Normally domain registration information is public. Fix: Make your domain name public so that potential customers can see that you are a reputable business.


3. Poor Privacy Policy

Websites should clearly discuss what they will do with user information such as emails. Websites that don’t discuss this will drive away security-conscious people. 25% of people didn’t purchase anything online last year because of the fear their information would be stolen. Fix: Add a privacy policy detailing what their information will be used for and include it on a separate page on your website.


4. Lacking Content

Readers will often decide on the trustworthiness of a website based on visual appearance alone. Signs of poor design include moving text, low-quality images, flashing letters, tiny fonts, unclear navigation, and crazy colors. Outdated content, excess ads and slow load times also make a website seem untrustworthy. Fix: Keep your website uncluttered by removing excess information, breaking up text, using complementary colors, and proofreading your content. Shorten the website load time by optimizing images and buying a faster hosting package.


5. No Social Media Links

Not linking your social media pages or feeds to your website sends up a red flag. People want as many sources of information as possible. The lack of a social media presence will make customers feel uneasy about your business because social media is the way people recommend places to each other. Fix: Link your social media profiles to your website and if you don’t have any make them and begin posting regularly.

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What Next for Web Design in West Palm Beach?

When running a business, customer trust is a large factor in your success. Developing trust with customers and keeping it takes time and effort but it is worth it. If you’re struggling with your website, look no further than Digital Resource. We focus on Web Design in West Palm Beach and have many years of experience with web design. Contact our web design team today to learn how we can give your website new life!

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