Web Marketing Company | How Can I Design an Effective Facebook Ad?

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Over one billion people use Facebook. They are searching for, engaging with and posting content every single day. Think of all that advertising potential. Those people could be viewing – or better yet, interacting – with your ad. But, a web marketing company employs several different strategies to get the most return on investment from an ad.

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It’s different than simply picking your audience and choosing an amount of time visible. An effective ad starts with design. But, whether you’re designing or hiring someone to do it for you, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect:

Showcase Your Product or Service

Your visual should not be a logo or poor-quality photo. This is an extension of your business, and you should put your best foot forward. Instead, put a picture of someone using your product or service. It should be a reflection of your business’s identity so that people can get the gist of who you are at a glance.

Keep Image Text to a Minimum

will a web marketing company know the 20 percent rule

All Facebook advertisements go through a review process which reviews text placement. Typically, ads with more image text are shown less than others. There is a fine balance. Try to follow the 20 percent rule: Text should only cover 20 percent of your image. If you feel the need to add more, consider a video ad or a carousel (multiple image) ad.

Format Ads for Multiple Placements

You have options for ad placement on Facebook. Newsfeed ads on desktop and mobile are the most popular because they get the most engagement. But, right sidebar ads are classic and should not be ruled out. Not to mention, when a friend of yours takes action (liking a Page), ad content may appear. But, it’s better to format an ad for several placements. This gives you more versatility and can save you time and money later on.

Optimize Your Caption

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Because you can only put so much text over your featured image, the caption is where you can really get into your message and hook your audience. The image should first grab their attention, and the caption should sell them on taking action regarding the ad.

Your caption should follow the journalistic inverted triangle: most important information at the top, followed by the supplemental. The voice should also match your photo and business. You don’t want to post a dark image with a caption filled with rainbow emojis. Lastly, end with a call to action. This will hopefully turn your viewer into a lead and generate an acquisition. So, urge them to like, purchase or call! The options are endless.

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