Mobile Optimization | Why Your Web Page Needs to be Mobile Friendly

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The days of searching the internet on a desktop computer are slowly fading away. The new preferred outlet to browse is quickly becoming mobile platforms, and if your business isn’t taking advantage of this, you are missing valuable traffic. Smartphones and mobile devices are representing a major shift in how the internet works. It is no secret that these devices are here to stay. Mobile optimization simplifies the searching experience for your audience, and that makes everyone happy. Businesses must embrace this new platform because the future of all businesses depends on it. Why is this the case? Let’s explore some reasons why.

why does my website need to be mobile friendly

Google Prefers Mobile Optimization

When your audience is searching to find you, chances are they are using Google. This search engine has taken over as the most popular way to find information, and your business needs to act accordingly. Google ranks a website based on multiple factors but also enacts penalties for failure to meet their standards. If your businesses’ web page does not meet their mobile-friendly standards you will see your rankings suffer. It is difficult to regain footing once Google is actively penalizing your web page. Mobile optimization is crucial if your businesses are seeking to improve ranking traffic, or not lose what you currently have.

Mobile is Here to Stay

Once upon a time, the internet was confined to our homes and offices on a desktop computer. But we all know that is not the world we live in today. Your audience is probably one of the 1.2 billion people accessing the web from a mobile device. If your business wants to reach them you need to be reachable from anywhere they are searching. Mobile users behave in a different way than desktop users. If someone is searching on-the-go, they do not have time to be overwhelmed by content on your site. If you have ever looked at a non-mobile friendly website on a mobile device, you understand the frustration. The information your audience is searching for needs to be made more accessible on your web page than ever. When your customers can find you, and your information quickly and efficiently you will be fostering lasting relationships with clients.

Social Media Works with Mobile Optimization

Most businesses have taken the time to create a social media presence, and this is an excellent resource to increase traffic to your web page. But if your web page is not mobile optimized, you are going to be hurting your business. When your web page is mobile optimized, the transition from the social media platform to your web page becomes seamless. Your web page link should be on your social media profile to entice customers to browse your content. As social media grows, you will have the potential to constantly increase traffic if users can access you mobiley.


why does my website need mobile optimization


The world we live in sees new platforms for users to engage through being created every day. If your business wants to stay relevant, it needs to keep up. The process of creating a mobile-friendly site may seem daunting, but with an experienced team, it is simple. Let us create a site for you that allows your customers to view you from anywhere. Contact our online marketing company to start optimizing today! 

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