Website Design Miami | 7 Tips to Improve Your Website Design

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Designing and maintaining your company website is a challenging task. Your company website should clearly communicate with your audience what your business does and why they do it. If this isn’t clear your website needs some work. Here are seven tips to improve your website design Miami.

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7 Tips to Improve Website Design Miami

1. Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

Make it easy for website visitors to find your social media accounts and share your website content. Put these icons on every page of your website in the footer to generate maximum exposure. The more people you reach the more exposure your business receives.

2. Add Call to Action Buttons

Once your website visitors land on your home page, tell them where to go next by adding call to action buttons on your website. Providing them with direction to certain pages to view or actions to take keeps them on your website longer.

3. Invest in High-Quality Images

Show your website visitors that you aren’t a generic company by having your own original images on your website. It is important to invest in professional photography rather than use stock photos. High-quality images draw the eye and provide a connection to the written content on your website.

4. Whitespace is Good

When you create enough space between your paragraphs and images the visitor has space to rest and can better absorb your websites information. Creating white space allows for greater user flow.

5. Make Your Website Responsive

Responsive website design adapts to how the website is being viewed. No matter if it is on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop the website will display perfectly. This creates a better user experience and typically translates to more time spent on your website and higher conversion rates.

6. Add Phone Number & Hours to The Homepage

Every website needs to have the phone number and hours listed on the top of the home page. Many visitors head to your website just to find a way to contact you. Make it easy for them and make it visible on your home page. The top right corner of the website is usually the best location.

7. Link Your Logo

You should have a polished and professional business logo. Your business logo is an important part of your brand so make sure it is evident on your website. It is always a good idea to link your logo to take people back to the homepage of your website. This helps website usability for the visitor.

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What Next?

The best thing you can do for your business is to hire a professional website design Miami company to handle designing and maintaining your website. There is so much more to do on a website than seven tips listed above. An experienced website design company knows the ins and out of what makes a great website. Hire Digital Resource to handle your website design. We have a team of experienced professionals that can create a killer website for your business. Contact our Website Design Team today to get started!

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