Website Design | Why Do-It Yourself Website Can Hurt Your Business

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When you are a small business owner, the main goal is to turn profits and then the secondary goal is usually something along the lines of keeping those profit margins in tact. It only makes sense, especially when your business is starting out, to want to save money by cutting certain costs. But it is important to cut the right costs; website design not being one of the right costs to cut. Why should you invest in your website design instead of trying to build it yourself? Keep reading to find out why a DIY website can actually hurt your business more than help!

It Could Interfere with Your Business Goals

Unless you’re in the website design business, there are, most likely, other items on your agenda that you could be spending your time doing. Especially when your business is just starting, you want to make sure you are spending your time as wisely as you possibly can be. If your time could be better spent making sales, gaining more customers or making the product, taking time away from your specialties, to something you have to learn from scratch to do won’t be effective.

Should I hire a website design company?

Even the website building websites, that offer free and easy website building methods could end up being a negative investment of your time. You have a vision for your business and your brand, and you’ve spent time and money building up to this point where you can build and grow your business. Your website design should be an extension of the beauty and effort that your business is becoming. And how many times does something come out amazing the first time you do it? Especially something that other people build companies around and get extensive training in?

To build a website that will reflect on your business professionally and aesthetically pleasing, you need to invest time to learn the backend development and design side of website building. That type of learning is not as easy as some wish to make it seem. Again, there are people who invest their entire education and professional training on website design, so just imagine that it will take time if you’re picking this up for the first time. And that’s time that is being taken away from your primary business activities. And if you decide to go with one of the free or cheap website builders to save money on that end, you risk going with a cookie cutter template website that won’t do your business justice.

Best Website Design Practices

Let’s say you do decide to go the do it yourself route and let’s say you get the basic skeleton of the website built and it’s not amazing, but it’s not something that will completely disappoint you either. Now what do you write for it? And now you’re going through and second guessing your design? Is it too boring? Do those colors clash? Is that enough call to actions? Are the call to actions clear? Are there too many call to actions? Where can I get nice pictures? Should I go with vectors or pictures? What if I want movement on the site? Can I include video? Should I include video? Is it responsive? Is it optimized for all the screen sizes? Will your consumers be able to see your website on their smart phones and mobile devices?

Should my website design be responsive

There are a million questions that you will have about website design, and the internet will give you a million different answers. Consulting with a professional website company will ease your concerns because they will utilize the best design practices to ensure that your website visitors will convert and drive sales. Not only will hiring a website design company ease your worries, but it will also allow you more creative control. You’ll be able to communicate with a professional the vision you have and they’ll be able to make your vision a reality. Where a DIY website might be limited in design and content knowledge, a professional website design company will be able to make a design that will be sure to draw customers in and convert them into sales for your business!

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