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How does your company generate new leads? There are many different tools available to capture prospects. Some firms specialize in selling leads, but often they are unqualified or poorly sourced leads that rarely convert into actual sales. One common missed opportunity to gather leads is on a company’s website. Contact us forms, where a web browser is asked to submit their information is old fashioned. These forms have become less effective in recent months due to the proliferation of database marketing that puts those who submit their information on a call list and email blast campaign. There is a better way to capture website leads.

lead generation with website leads

Live Chat Captures Leads


The best time to engage a potential client online is when they are browsing your website. Virtually speaking, this is not much different than a customer physically being in your store or office. A live chat agent can have a real-time discussion with your website visitors, capturing leads and being helpful with everyday questions. To put in perspective how powerful this service is, let’s look at the numbers. A website visitor is five times more likely to provide their contact information to a live chat agent than a contact form. This is a massive increase in daily leads for a website that gets a moderate amount of traffic.


This service works for businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether the customers are making everyday purchases or ordering large shipments, a live chat representative can help convert more sales. Even in niche industries where the customers may have very technical questions, a live agent can help direct the prospects questions to the proper specialist. Throughout the instant messaging conversation, the agent is gathering contact information and details about their questions or concerns. This information is valuable for closing sales because it takes the extra effort off the customer’s plate. Consumer behavior trends indicate that the simpler the process is, the more likely a sale will be made. A live chat agent reinforces your brand’s commitment to customer support while simultaneously increasing sales.


First, a chat is initiated on the website. This is when the agent collects information about what the visitor is interested in. Sometimes this is simple questions about the business or website. Other times the visitor will directly ask about a specific product or service. The agent then gathers as much contact information as the visitor is willing to provide. Then the needs of the client are assessed and passed to the proper representative of the company to assist the prospect. It is that simple.

website leads with live chat

Are You Getting Enough Website Leads?


Most business owners would say that you can never have too many leads.  However, there is a big difference between just any lead and a prospect who is interested and ready to make a purchase. Live chat website leads are significantly more likely to make a purchase. If your business would benefit from a service like this, but you do not have the employee time to commit, there is a solution. Digital Resource has a live chat service that effectively captures leads and delivers them straight to your sales team. Contact DR today to learn more about how we turn everyday website traffic into hot sales leads.


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