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There are many benefits to adding a blog section to your website in order to increase traffic. Here are a few ways that blogs can help you get more customers in the long run.

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When search engines crawl the web, one of the things they weigh heavily is the number of external sites linking to your website. External links prove your site is providing helpful, relevant information. A great blog is great link bait that other websites will be inclined to reference, creating important external links. Blogs also serve the critical function of providing internal links to pages that are deep within your site. Search engines want to see that your pages reference each other and are coherently tied together.




Keywords are the backbone of your SEO campaign. Having a defined list of keywords will help you with getting your business off the ground.  Anyone even remotely interested in SEO has heard the importance of keywords. One of the ways search engines rank websites is based on the keywords contained in the sites. All other things being equal, websites that contain more of the searched keywords will rank higher than other similar sites because it is assumed, they have more relevant content related to the subject.


Relevant Content


A blog allows your site to grow by providing content that wouldn’t otherwise be contained on your site. When customers are looking for a product or service, they want to purchase from the leader in the industry, a blog allows you to establish that authoritative voice by providing your customers with the relevant, factual information they are looking for.

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