Wellington Florida Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Anyone who has lived in Wellington Florida long enough knows it is the horse capital of Florida.  This town located in central Palm Beach County is a vibrant neighborhood to raise a family, start a business and enjoy South Florida.  Whether your company is involved in the lucrative horse business or completely independent of that industry, Wellington Florida social media marketing is a necessity.

How Can Social Media Impact Your Business?

Wellington Florida social media evolved from a way to check-in with friends and family to a marketing juggernaut.  There are very few businesses who can afford to forgo this crucial piece of their digital strategy.  First, define the goal that your business will achieve with social media.  Perhaps you want to market products or services to a specific crowd of interested prospects?  Also, this strategy could improve rankings on google for the brand.  Are you interested in developing a platform to share your insider knowledge as an established “thought leader” in your field?  A good Wellington Florida social media strategy can achieve each of these goals.

How to use social media for Wellington Florida?

Wellington Florida Social Media Tips

The first step to creating a winning strategy for Wellington Florida social media is sharing great content.  There are various forms of content and new versions are created every day.  This could be anything from a popular meme to a serious whitepaper about human resources.  For your content to receive engagement your posts should reflect the personality and culture of the company.  A local clothing store might have an outgoing or even comical online personality.  However, a local law firm would most likely choose to keep a professional and serious tone throughout their posts.


For local content to succeed in Wellington Florida, use your allies in the area.  Most likely your business interacts with other companies on a regular basis for various reasons such as location, vendor relationships, and community values.  Comment, share & like posts that promote the town and local attractions.  Then when your business has a special promotion you can ask them to return the favor.  This is a great way to organically grow your following while supporting your local neighbors.


Use Influencers

An “influencer” is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market.  Choosing an influencer should be based on who in your industry is a respected ambassador to the overall market.  This could be anything from a sports hero, scientist, author, television personality or local celebrity.  Create content with video, infographics, and blogs that feature the influencer and communicate your company’s message.  In Wellington Florida, this could be a player from a Polo team or celebrity who has chosen Wellington as their home.  Be careful not to choose someone that has controversy surrounding their name, especially in more professional industries.

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Ready to get started?  There are endless social media strategies that cannot fit in a single blog post.  Staying up to date with internet trends is crucial to succeeding online.  Is social media strategy something your business does not have the time or energy to pursue? Digital Resource can help.  Our internet marketing agency has successfully grown the online influence for hundreds of South Florida-based businesses.  Contact an internet marketing specialist today to discuss social media strategy in depth!

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