West Palm Beach Digital Marketing | Mid-Year Marketing Tools in Review

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In the next few months, you can expect the marketing landscape to make strides toward new progression. In this 6-month review, we will analyze how the following ideas have been put into practice and its future in the coming months. Take a look below to learn the best from your local West Palm Beach digital marketing company!

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What is the Newest Marketing Strategies I Should Use?

1. Geo-Marketing

In the first place, geo-marketing is still in the works as most businesses have not yet had the pleasure of putting this into practice. Geo-marketing immediately targets individuals who are in close proximity to your company while your ad appears on their device.

This mechanism works by sensing the user’s location and suggesting your company before or after they pass the building.


2. New Technology

Moreover, new technology including artificial intelligence has been a key feature in the latter months. Chatbots can effectively replace live chat gents by staying online 24/7 and responding to users based on programming.

This has yet to be enabled everywhere, but it is slowly gaining traction for the remainder of the year.


3. Personalized Emails

Last but not least, email marketing has become more personal than in previous years. Remember, the way to make it personal is to include the user’s name so it immediately grabs their attention. It’s estimated that nearly 84% of people respond better to emails with personalized headlines in opposition to others that do not.


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Do You Need Reliable West Palm Beach Digital Marketing?

All in all, parts of these marketing tools have been used so far at this time of year. There are still many ways to go, but you can get a head start on these tools as soon as possible. Contact us today for an instant SEO scan!

Tapkannia is a graduate of Florida International University with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. She enjoys being a part of a team working on media and digital marketing strategies. She finds solace in the written word and producing quality content.

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