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How to build a social media following is pretty obvious. You post quality content that suits your brand, figure out when you get the most likes, post at that time, and keep doing it. But, what about the more “behind the scenes” marketing? West Palm Beach email marketing and building a subscriber list is a little more discreet than other digital content marketing strategies.

Because they require more work than a simple Facebook reaction or Instagram like, it takes more work on your end to build a subscriber list. From traditional methods – like word of mouth – to giveaways and cross-promotion, here’s how you can begin growing your email subscriber list:

Have a Clear Call to Action

People require guidance. A call-to-action encourages people to engage with your content. It nudges them in the direction you want by enticing them with appealing language. This should be used in conjunction with free and/or exclusive content (see below). “Subscribe to our newsletter” and “sign up for exclusive content” are just a couple examples of call-to-actions. However, you can personalize them more and tailor them to fit into your brand.

Offer Free Stuff

If Oprah’s annual Christmas giveaways taught us anything, it’s that people love free stuff. Give the people what they want and they will subscribe to your newsletter. Your loyal followers will be super excited to get in on the giveaway and new followers will flock to you. Just be prepared to see a more dramatic fluctuation in your numbers with the influx of online giveaway hunters.

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Have Exclusive Content

People like to feel special. And that is best done when they have access to something others do not. Offer exclusive content for every newsletter subscriber. Maybe that is a super informational video or creative digital downloads. But, you need to have an understanding of your demographic and what they might like. Then, you can pull them in will enticing offers for their eyes only.

Spread the Word

Let your mom brag about you! Word of mouth is still one of the most successful marketing strategies out there. Ask all of your friends to subscribe to your email and ask them to forward it to their friends. Also, don’t forget social media! With MailChimp, you can integrate a sign-up section on a Facebook page. Blast everyone near and far with all the information they need about the newsletter and why they should sign up!

Partner Up

Are you well-connected with someone in your industry who already has their own email subscriber list or following established? If their image and brand aligns with yours, see if they are open to cross-promoting. What makes you unique? Swap information and benefit both of your followings.

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West Palm Beach email marketing requires a lot of time and energy. Digital Resource dedicates its time and expertise to creating quality content and building strong digital marketing strategies. Contact us today to discuss your online marketing options!

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