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So, your business has made the great decision to start using West Palm Beach Facebook ads. But now what? There is an abundance of Facebook ad types to choose from. Each type is meant to drive home different results for your business. If you are struggling with how to choose which ads are right for you, follow along for insight on just some of the objectives that can be achieved with FB ads!

4 Goals Behind Your West Palm Beach Facebook Ads:

Brand Awareness

At some point, you will want to use FB ads to expose as many people as possible to your brand’s name and products. Either at the beginning of your FB ad campaign or after you have curated some great web content, use the brand awareness ad objective.

Facebook’s brand awareness ad type could technically be used for any campaign. But, it’s meant to be used with remarkable content. The content used should drive brand awareness by enticing Facebook users who are scrolling on their News Feed. Don’t just think about what you want to get out of it. Instead, focus on creating remarkable content that makes users who view it want to know more about your brand.

Website Conversions

Which West Palm Beach Facebook ad will help me best?

After users find out about your brand, website conversion campaigns can encourage Facebook users to click on ads and convert on your website immediately. Website conversion ads are meant to drive specific actions on a specific page on your website. Instead of simply encouraging the user to click on your website to “learn more,” use this ad type to drive sign ups to a newsletter, start a free trial, or possibly download an offer.

Lead Generation

With traditional lead generation, users are usually driven to a landing page where they fill out a form. Before, you might have used a Facebook offer claim ad to drive users to your website and have them fill out a form there. However, the downside to this conversion path is that users are required to leave Facebook. Once they’ve clicked on the ad to claim what you’re promoting, the user is out of the social site altogether.

Luckily, Facebook offers the lead generation objective for your West Palm Beach Facebook ads. This ad type allows you to collect lead information without forcing your audience to ever leave the Facebook app. Once the user submits the form on a lead ad, they can click out of the ad and go back to browsing on Facebook. This ad provides a great user experience and Facebook can sync to get your leads right where you want them.

Page Likes

Can West Palm Beach Facebook ads help with my business goals?

Your business may simply want to use West Palm Beach Facebook ads to expand your reach. When this is your campaign goal, you should use the page like ad type to encourage new users to “like” your page. Once they do, users are able to see your content automatically on their News Feed when you post it.

Page like FB ads are best for businesses who put lots of effort into their social media presence. If you produce content specifically for your Facebook users to drive engagement, then this ad type is definitely for you. But remember, you can also add a “like page” call-to-action to other types of ads. This is a great option to accomplish more than one goal with one ad.

So how do you decide which ad type to use?

Before you begin any ad campaign, first define your business goals. It will not help you to just come up with a campaign around which ad type you want to use. Instead, start with your own marketing needs and build your ad around it.

If you would like assistance with establishing which West Palm Beach Facebook ads will benefit your business the most, contact our online marketing agency! Digital Resource is ready to provide you with a free internet marketing analysis to assist in determining your goals and prime you for online success!

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