West Palm Beach Google Ads | How to Use Google AdWords for Success

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There are a lot of moving parts that go into an effective internet marketing strategy. From search engine optimization to web design and everything in between, the list of all the wheels and cogs that keeps your digital presence growing can go on and on. One of the essential parts of this machine is West Palm Beach Google Ads. But how exactly can your business use Google AdWords to guarantee internet marketing success? Keep reading to find out!

8 Steps for West Palm Beach Google Ads Success

what are the steps for west palm beach google ads

1. Establish Goals

The first step to creating West Palm Beach Google Ads is to determine what you are using AdWords for. Is it for lead generation? E-commerce? Brand building? How you create your ads and the features you take advantage of all relies on your specific goals, so specify them!


2. Determine Target Audience

It is essential to figure out who you are aiming to target with these ads. What do your ideal customers or clients do? Where do they do it? When are they actively searching for your product or service? On what device? The answers to these questions are the key to your ads.


3. Conduct Keyword Research

The only way to place your ads in the search results when people are searching for what you offer is by bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business. As a result, you must conduct keyword research and use keywords tools to discover cost, competition, and volume for search terms at every stage of your sales funnel.


4. Set Budget and Bids

After you’ve figured out which keywords to bid on, it’s time to do some math in order to set and budget and place bids. Make sure to spend most of your West Palm Beach Google Ads budget on keywords that convert at a high rate. But also make sure to leave room for testing and brand building too.


5. Structure Account

Your Google AdWords account is made up of numerous campaigns, each with specific goals. Within every one of your campaigns needs to have tightly knit ad groups, each featuring a handful of keywords and super relevant ads.


6. Write Incredible Ads

Get the most out of your ads by making sure that each one has a compelling headline, call-to-action, and includes the keywords you’re bidding on. Bonus tip: the more emotional the ad is, the more clicks it receives.


7. Design Great Landing Pages

Landing pages are where people who have clicked your ads go. As a result, it’s imperative to create landing pages that convert. Otherwise, you lose a potential customer to a competitor.


8. Optimize

After you create your initial West Palm Beach Google Ads it’s time to test and optimize everything. A/B test your ad copy, landing pages, keywords, and more. Then, make sure to adjust your strategy according to the results.

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While all the steps above are essential for a great Google AdWords campaign, the best way to ensure that your West Palm Beach Google Ads are better than the rest is by teaming up with a reputable internet marketing. So what are you waiting for? Contact our Google AdWords experts at Digital Resource to get started today!

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