Top Mistakes West Palm Beach Internet Marketing Companies Are Making

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If you’re not familiar with internet marketing, you probably hired a company to take on the digital world for you. After all, they should be professionals in the field and know the top online marketing tactics and tools. But what if we told you there are actually a lot of West Palm Beach internet marketing companies making very simple mistakes, that are hurting your online results. Even if you were aware of what to look for when hiring an internet marketing company, these mistakes they’re making may be going right past you. Keep reading to find out if the West Palm Beach Internet Marketing Company you hired is making these mistakes!

West Palm Beach Internet Marketing Company Mistakes

1. Automated Posts and Ignoring Engagement

Many West Palm Beach internet marketing companies are posting for their clients every day on their social media pages. Sounds perfect, right? While posting everyday is a great practice that many agencies follow, it’s not that simple. Instead of posting personalized, intriguing content, some of these internet marketing companies are posting the same computer generated posts to every client. Secondly, they are throwing those posts out there and that is about as far as their social media management goes. The HUGE part they’re missing is the actual management and social aspect of the pages. Many consumers use social media as a way to connect with businesses and ask questions. If customers are asking questions on your page and no one is responding or even acknowledging the engagement, you’re losing potential customers. More so, you’re not using your social media pages in the most effective way for your business.

Is your west palm beach internet marketing company making these mistakes?

2. Slow Servers

Does your website load at the speed you would like it to? Or more importantly, how users would like it to? Some internet marketing companies in West Palm Beach host client’s websites on slow servers, causing a long load time for the site and higher bounce rates. 47% of consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. If your site isn’t making the cut, you’re losing a lot of potential customers.

3. No Original Content

A mistake many internet marketing companies make is posting duplicate content on their clients’ website. Whether they are reposting articles as blogs or not writing their own content for particular products and services, it can negatively affect your website’s rankings. Search engines rank websites that create original and shareable content higher than those trying to “cheat” and copy off of another website. Remember the goal of search engines is delivering interesting, relevant and fresh content to users searching for a topic, so they will penalize websites that try to trick them with non-original content.

4. Not Tracking Results

The last mistake many internet marketing companies in West palm Beach are making is not tracking results of their client’s campaigns. This includes tracking results of SEO and keyword rankings, website traffic, social media insights, and internet ads. If they;re not tracking results, then they aren’t able to make appropriate changes to better the campaigns. For example, not checking on Facebook Ads every so often can make you spend unnecessary money. If they track the ads, see what’s doing well, and make appropriate changes you will be able to get the ads performing their best for the lowest cost possible.

What are the most common mistakes made by a west palm beach internet marketing company?

If the West Palm Beach internet marketing company you hired is making any of these mistakes, then it’s time to make the switch to Digital Resource! We are professionals in all things internet marketing and love helping businesses grow their online presence. Connect with our internet marketing agency in downtown West Palm Beach online today or give us a call at 561-429-2585! We would love to begin planning your online strategy so you can start to attract customers through the internet!

Jenna graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Alabama and has a tremendous amount of knowledge and marketing experience from her schooling and internship programs. Having handled many clients on numerous occasions, she is customer service oriented and provides assistance in a professional and friendly manner.

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