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The online marketing world is more diverse than ever with strategies shooting in all different directions. If you want to stay relevant, it’s imperative to conduct marketing audits occasionally. With multiple tasks to complete, you might be taking a little too much on and making a few (or several) mistakes. At our West Palm Beach online marketing company, we’ve learned that these mistakes will cost you money and time that you don’t have to waste. Being aware of the most common online marketing mistakes can ensure your brand avoids them in the future. Here are a few of the biggest missteps brand typically make.

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1. Not Setting Any Goals

If you failed to set any goals for your online marketing plans, that’s an almost guaranteed way to ensure the failure of your campaigns. You need to establish your goals and objectives before you jump into implementing your online marketing campaign. Without setting measurable goals, you’ll never be able to identify your success or analyze areas when your campaigns need additional support or require an adjustment in strategy. If you can’t demonstrate progress against your set of goals, you’ll have difficulty justifying future online marketing investments.

2. Relying on Only One Traffic Source

There are a variety and quantity of methods that drive traffic to a website. While that’s one of the great things about online marketing, it’s also part of the risk. Why? Because the second we find that one works, we tend to overuse it and forget about all others. Dependence on one source of traffic has been known to wreck websites and businesses. Our West Palm Beach Online Marketing company suggests experimenting with existing and upcoming platforms as a safety net. If one technique works for you, keep using it. However, you shouldn’t solely depend on it.

3. Understanding the Importance of Mobile

At this point, mobile is essential to the success of a brand’s marketing efforts.  However, it’s shocking how many brands still do not make mobile a priority. If you fail to consider mobile for everything you’re doing online, you will miss out on the chance to connect with an enormous amount of your potential audience. Failing to account for mobile traffic means alienating many potential customers. It’s a mistake that our West Palm Beach online marketing company found that can wreak havoc on your digital marketing campaigns.

4. Spending Too much Time on Social Media

The tricky thing about social media is that you can spend a ton of time on it and not see any return on investment. Most marketers know that they should be implementing social media into their strategy. However, the problem is they think that social media for business is the same as it is for personal use. Liking a few pictures, posting a few statues and hanging out on Facebook isn’t going to work out in your businesses favor. The good news is, your social media strategy can be done right. You just need to learn how to “do social media.”

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As frustrating as they are, these mistakes are relatively easy to fix. Once you have the realization that you’ve made a mistake, you can move forward by taking practical steps to remedy the issue. Knowing which missteps to look out for can save your business time, money, and stress. If you are unable to stay on top of your brand’s digital campaigns, our West Palm Beach online marketing company would be happy to manage your campaigns to bring you a successful future. Contact us today!

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