West Palm Beach SEO | 15 Fast Facts to Help Your Business Grow

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Are you trying to develop the West Palm Beach SEO for your company, but not sure where to start? SEO. Start by optimizing your website, getting on social media, and grow your business. Competition can be tough, so it is up to you to make the right moves in order to be a successful business owner with a strong brand.

How can I grow my business with West Palm Beach SEO

15 Fast Facts to Help Your West Palm Beach SEO Improve

What is West Palm Beach SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the readability of your website on search engines. Basically, the easier it is for someplace like Google or Yahoo to find your website, the better your site will rank. There are many factors that feed into this ranking, including: keywords, social media, website content, and PPC ads. Every bit counts, so utilize all that you can get your hands on.

Social Media

Having a strong presence on social media boosts your chance of brand awareness across the web. It’s imperative that you create an experience for your audience that captures their attention and makes them want to interact with your company.

  1. Grow your number of followers on social media through your West Palm Beach SEO by encouraging engagement and by participating along with it.
  2. Be consistent with your posts and use content that is relevant to your brand.
  3. Get creative and clever with your posts by using relative articles, useful tips, and general discussion topics.
  4. Videos and infographics make for an excellent foundation, as posts, for the use of keywords. Incorporate those keywords into your content.
  5. When engaging with your followers, make sure to use hashtags and to tag them as well. Any type of link you can use to get your company name out there, use it.

Website Optimization

Ultimately, you want to get people to your website, but what happens once they’re there? Roughly 55% of page visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. What are you going to do to keep them there?

  1. Optimize all of your images on your website by adjusting loading speed and making them responsive.
  2. Minimize the amount of HTTP requests your page makes in order to boost loading speed.
  3. BLOG. Blogging is a great source of content that you can incorporate your keywords into.
  4. Choose only the font styles that you need. Believe it or not, fonts can add to the HTTP requests, once again, slowing down loading speed.
  5. Captivate your audience with good aesthetics and a simple layout design that is easy to navigate.


By utilizing keywords specific to your product or service, you are giving search engines the trust they need to rank you higher on their searches.

  1. Google looks for keywords in order to see how strong of a source your site is for their ranking system.
  2. Keywords should be incorporated throughout your website, along with your blogs.
  3. In order to have less competition for your target audience, use long-tail keywords that target a more specific audience.
  4. Using local keywords can help bring in more traffic to your website that is looking for your specific product or service.
  5. Using a keyword research site will help you choose the best, and most cost-effective keywords for your business’s needs.

What do I do to help my business with West Palm Beach SEO

Reach Out to Your Local West Palm Beach SEO Company

Create an environment that you want your audience to relate to. Without a cohesive brand implementation between your website and your social media platforms, you miss out on potential clients. Search engine optimization is so important to your business and your business’s success. At Digital Resource, we are an SEO company, located right here in West Palm Beach, that specializes in SEO, social media marketing, web design, blogging, and mobile optimization. Allow us to help you grow your business and contact us today!

Jackie attended Florida Atlantic University where she received a degree in graphic design. It was there that she discovered her passion for creating. While working towards her BFA in Graphic Design, she was also a baton twirler for FAU's Marching Owls. In her spare time she enjoys doing makeup for clients, which allows her to utilize her creative talents off-screen. She is very team-oriented and is excited to be a part of the Digital Resource team!

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