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Posting to social media can seem pretty standard on a day-to-day basis. But, the anatomy of the perfect Facebook post can be examined slightly further to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your West Palm Beach social media marketing. Here’s what you should know before diving content first into a post:


When you post anything online via a business account, you need to establish your purpose. This will not only determine on which platforms you post it to but the style and tone of the content you produce.

Your purpose can range from asking for likes and comments to redirecting your audience to your website. Your purpose creates a canvas for the rest of the post. So, be direct with your objective, and you will be more likely to generate the lead you are looking for.


Next to your purpose, your brand should be reflected in every post you create on all forms of social media. When you establish your brand within the business, any additional platform should follow its guidelines. So, this means you should be using the same material.

Photography should showcase your services and products. Your captions should match your company voice. All of the colors and fonts used in design should coincide in what is seen on your website and other promotional material. Now, this does not mean you do not have room to be creative. You can always incorporate social media trends, just as long as they continue to reflect who you are as a business.

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Content Quality

As a professional business, you should always uphold a standard of quality. You don’t want to set the standard high so that your audience is expecting super creative and high-quality content, only to post blurry iPhone photos. Your audience will want some form of consistency, and content quality is a great place to establish and maintain trust.

Caption Call-to-Action

If someone is viewing your West Palm Beach social media marketing content, prompt them to take the next step. If your goal is to generate a lead of any sort, a call-to-action is necessary. “Like our latest video,” “Check out our new arrivals,” “Share your experience,” and so many more call-to-actions can encourage your audience to interact with more of your content.

Your call-to-action belongs in your caption. You do not want to sound too forceful – only encouraging. And, always be sure to keep the tone professional and genuine.

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Optimizing your posts ultimately comes down to timing. For platforms like Instagram, getting more engagements closer to your posting time, the higher in the feed your post will show up. However, this time can be different for every social media platform. To determine the best time to post, you’ll need to watch your analytics. Experiment by posting at different times and seeing how your reach and engagements (likes and comments) vary. This way, you’ll be able to determine the best time to post and can continue to do so!

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