West Palm Beach Web Design | Questions to Ask When Hiring an Agency

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Great West Palm Beach web design is of the utmost importance to generating loyal leads. But, how to build a successful site is lost on so many of us. Here are 10 questions you should ask a web design agency to get the ball rolling:

What Services Do You Offer?

This is the simplest question you could, and most definitely should, ask when sitting down with an agency. It’s important to fully understand what they offer so you aren’t left wanting for more.

Do You Custom Design or Use Templates?

Custom design sounds really cool – and it can be. But, it also tends to mean more time and money because it’s harder to do. Templates, or themes, are most popular. However, some agencies do offer completely custom design. So, you should have a basic understanding of how they plan to do things.

How Successful Have Your Past Sites Been?

You’re building a website to serve a purpose. You want to share your information and your products or services. You’ll want to know how much traffic their past sites are generating and how they track the analytics ­– if they’ll do that for you.

what questions should i asked a west palm beach web design agency

How Will My Site Generate Leads?

With that being said, how do they plan to construct a website that is conducive to lead generation? Are you going to implement a live chat service, what about Search Engine Optimization? You need to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

How Will My Project Be Managed?

Web design happens in stages. Having some insight into how things will play out can better your communication with the team throughout.

How Long Will It Take to Complete My Site?

Some sites take longer than others. That’s just a fact. Length depends on if it’s custom or a theme, how many pages, content creation, plugins and so much more. But, a new site is worthy of praise. So, it’s important to know when you can expect it to be done so you can look forward to it!

What Does the Price Include?

When it gets down to the details, you need to know how much you’ll be dishing out and for what. A line sheet of what services your web design includes will help you stay on budget while getting all the benefits.

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Can I See Examples?

Of course, you’ll want to see the West Palm Beach web design agency’s portfolio. You can even use this as inspiration and show the team what you do and don’t like for your website. This can help them tailor it to your business and get it right the first time.

Who Will Be Working on My Site?

It’s nice to know who your developer will be. This can even make communication easier in some scenarios. You can then express your opinions more easily.

What Do You Need from Me to Start?

If you’ve decided to work with an agency, you’ll need to know what your role is in this situation. Be sure to ask what copy, photos, passwords and more they may need to start!

Interested in Responsive West Palm Beach Web Design?

Web design can make or break a business’s online reputation. Contact Digital Resource to learn how we can better your site and help you establish a strong digital presence!

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